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so i saw this the other day in my neighborhood, pretty funny. My guess is the person who owns this car hates himself, or maybe it's a couple who could be archenemies during the baseball season. Either way, those are two stickers you don't often see in the same place. I also hear that Matthew Lesko (the guy from the infomercial with the question mark jacket who yells "DO YOU WANT MONEY FROM THE GOVERNMENT!") lives in my neighborhood, so I'm going to try to get photos of him next.


Ben said...

There were a couple of posts about Lesko in DCist the other day and after reading about him I happened to bump into him that night walking down 18th street. Just keep your eye out for garish suits and loud clogs (though no question marks).

Here's the question: if this guy is so good at getting money out of the government, why does he have to sell books on TV?

Andrew said...

nice. my friend claims he saw him making out with a girl on the back of a moped, but I dunno if I believe it. Good question though. Maybe the government won't pay for his clothes or question mark-covered Mini Cooper.