Ghost Ride the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle

So this is awesome. Some dudes ghost riding the MRAP in Iraq.

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Here's the awesome making-of for the song used in that video, "Ghost Ride the Whip" by Mistah Fab.


so once again, being a scientist must be the easiest job ever. Like this study, which found that young men are not good at reading women.

Really?! Wow! Thanks, science! No one knew that before!

I have noted this kind of thing previously.


so this is what I'm going to make tonight.

I'm going to take photos. We'll see how it turns out.


Keep DC United in DC

so DC United, Washington's great pro soccer team, hasn't yet signed a lease with the city for RFK Stadium. The plans for a new stadium at Poplar Point in DC are also sort of in limbo. I'm pretty worried about this, as I'm a United fan and would hate to see them leave.

The team is a great resource for the city, has a large, diverse, and passionate fan base, and is historically the best team in MLS, it would be a shame for them to leave. Probably one of my fondest sports memories was when David Beckham came to play - RFK Stadium was packed with people and it was a fantastic atmosphere for a sporting event.

I want the city to know that people want to keep the team in the city, so I've been emailing the city council and the mayor. Here's the mayor's contact page and the emails for the at-large councilmembers, as well as Vincent Gray, the council chair, and Jack Evans, chair pro tem/Ward 2, and the members from each ward.

Contact the Mayor page

Vincent Gray's chief of staff: DSlonneger@dccouncil.us
Jack Evans: jackevans@dccouncil.us
Phil Mendelson: pmendelson@dccouncil.us
Carol Schwartz: carol.schwartz@dc.gov
Kwame Brown: tellkwamebrown@gmail.com
David Catania doesn't have a direct email, so click here

And the councilmembers by ward:

Ward 1 - Jim Graham's chief of staff jdetaeye@dccouncil.us
Ward 2 - Jack Evans jackevans@dccouncil.us
Ward 3 - Mary Cheh mcheh@dccouncil.us
Ward 4 - Muriel Bowser mbowser@dccouncil.us
Ward 5 - Harry Thomas hthomas@dccouncil.us
Ward 6 - Tommy Jones - chief of staff callen@dccouncil.us
Ward 7 - Yvette Alexander - click here
Ward 8 - Marion Barry's chief of staff kperry@dccouncil.us


so I remember back in the day when people could study stuff like gender issues and gay issues in college. Then it was LGB issues. Then LGBT. I was browsing on Okcupid a minute ago and somebody said they were interested in "LGBTQQIA" issues. What the hell is that? If your acronym is 8 letters long, you really need to think of a new term. It's like OMGWTFBBQ, but it's a real thing.


Exterminating Government Employees

So this is a sign at my work. I guess I won't be working there for much longer.


so I saw this on TV yesterday and thought it was pretty hilarious.

Dmitri Young rules.