so apparently a guy duped the American Idol people yesterday. I was watching it with my roommates, laughing at the delusional people and what not, and a guy came on who looked familiar, he said his name was Christopher Noll. He did a pretty funny rap about the judges (and Brandy, who was a guest judge), parts of which went something like "Simon Cowell, S. Cowell spells scowl" and "praise God and Anisha, look, it's TV's Moesha" (I'm paraphrasing here, I don't remember exactly.) Anyway, he was pretty funny throughout and obviously got rejected (after pretending to wipe his brow) then cussed a lot, I assume for dramatic effect. So I went to look him up, and it turns out that Christopher Noll is also known as Chris Wylde, who had a show in 2001 on Comedy Central, the Chris Wylde Show. I assume the Comedy Central page is old, since everything I read on Google said his show was pretty bad (according to some miscellaneous blogs at least, but who believes what they say) and was cancelled after 10 episodes. According to IMDB, he was also in Joe Dirt and Coyote Ugly and some other stuff, as well as getting his home fixed up on Trading Spaces.

And it looks like he was in some show called Film Fakers and a Truth.com commercial, according to this page (beware pictures of girls in bikinis if you're at work), which is probably what I remember him from. Funny line from that page: "I'm so white I eat clouds and piss bleach." And this page has some funny Fox Sports commercials. I remember seeing the first one.

And it looks like he went to American University in DC as well and had a show there, according to this article here from the AU paper. And his own pretty weird website is here.

So hooray for Google. I thought it was pretty interesting that he got onto American Idol, being a comedian and all.


Edmund Schluessel said...

Citizens Against Nude Juice Bars & Pornography

Andrew said...

Haha, I was going to post that article too

Anonymous said...

I miss Alan and Jerome. "Knickerbocker, please!"

- TMM Kyle