so I think Valentine's Day is a dumb holiday. I'm not one of those people who are bitter because they're single, because I don't really care that I'm single, I just think it's stupid. It's a made-up holiday to make people buy crap for the people they're dating and take them out to fancy restaurants for no good reason. And anyway, it's only fun for maybe 50% of people (assuming 50% are dating/married), but even then I bet not all of them have fun, since everything seems very forced. "Oh honey, I have to say I love you and stuff today, as opposed to other days when I don't tell you that, and I have to take you to a restaurant, as opposed to all the other days we do things together, and I have to buy roses and presents because that's what commercials are telling me to do." Maybe it's because I have been getting pissed off at jewelry commercials recently because they're stupid. They're trying to tell you that you have to buy something to show somebody you love them, and the more expensive, the more you love them. How wack is that? Plus jewelry commercials are terrible anyway. "Straaaight from the heart, Shaw's Jewelers." "Every kiss begins with Kay." Killer and Kamikaze also start with K, but you don't hear that on the commercial. The implication is ridiculous too, you won't get no booty unless you buy some jewelry. And then there are those horrible ones with the annoying kid, "hey mommy, daddy said he likes you." "Well I like daddy too. See? Check out this big ass necklace he bought me, that means he loves me," or whatever.

Holidays are supposed to be fun for everyone, like Halloween, not fun for only a portion of the populace. And they're definitely not supposed to make some people feel bad, like lonely folks or people who just got dumped. Why is the implication that people have to be in relationships? Who cares? If you want to be single, go ahead. I wish people would just boycott Valentine's Day, because they're single, if they want, but a better reason is because it's just dumb.

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