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so it looks like one of the Jumbo Slices in Adams Morgan was closed down for a day for health code violations. It says debris and unclean surfaces. Here's my guess, and I've seen this happen: There was a fight on the sidewalk that pushed its way into the store. An employee jumped up on the counter and started yelling at the brawlers. Thus, there is debris (stuff knocked over by fighting people) and dirty surfaces (shoe prints on counter.) I think that the jumbo slice is an automatically dirty food, so I'm not worrying and will still eat it. Plus, I only know them as the "Real," "Original," and "Real Original" Jumbo Slices, not as Pizza Mart, Pizza Bolis, and the other one.

In the meantime, why not be friends with Jumbo Slice on Friendster? This guy likes it.

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shesbitter said...

funny drew, i think i almost always see you wearing that jacket!