so i like cake


so i watched the state of the union last night. i learned in middle school that you don't pronounce "nuclear" as "new-kew-lur". it's ridiculous, this is the president and he's mispronouncing an extremely important word, one of the main points of his scheme to invade iraq. come on. i guess he's trying to be more like the average person, but mispronouncing a word, even if everybody else does it, is about the worst way to go about it. it's not as if only the really intellectual, effete and snooty people pronounce it correctly or something, and that by pronouncing it right he is alienating people. we know you're dumb, george. you don't need to prove it to us. so cut out the homer simpson impression and go back to the dictionary.


so i dunno if this is real or not, but it's pretty interesting:


It's supposedly a scholarly report from military people about how to stop meteors from hitting the earth. hooray for google.


so here's some random mp3s i've been listening to recently -
cornelius - bird watching in inner forest - he's kooky, some music critic types have called him the japanese beck. this song he samples birds chirping and forest sounds
ted leo and the pharmacists - parellel or together - a neat quick song with cool guitars
catatonia - village idiot - cool, i duuno what else to say. is funky

check em out yo


so i was fiddling around at work and found the website for shawnta rogers' team in france. shawnta played for gw, where i went to school, and was awesome. he was 5'4 and led the conference in points and assists and led the nation in steals his senior year. check out the links.

the team. I think it's funny that they all have different uniforms. or at least they are all wearing the home, away, and alt jerseys. weird.


stats I think PD is steals

buy some stuff . shawnta is the model on the left. nice hat dude.

go lemans


so i like it when the server at work crashes, which makes it impossible to do any work. good times. i think ludacris said it best: "i got big balls, i'm a sac king like chris webber."

or maybe it was "i get saved by more bells than lark voorhees." i forget.


so maybe it's just me, but i don't understand why elton john's "saturday night's alright for fighting" is famous. i mean, it's elton john saying "i want to make a southern rock song," and him singing about getting a belly full of beer and hanging around with his old lady just isn't believable to me. maybe it was back when it came out, but i dunno, a guy in a white suit with sunglasses the size of dinner plates playing the piano doesn't strike me as a big brawler. don't get me wrong, i think elton john has some cool songs, and the music is ok in this one, but i dunno. kind of odd.


so i think the people who are interviewed on fox news and entertainment tonight whose jobs are to say what celebrities like and will be wearing are ridiculous. how many times did these people have to sleep through work at mcdonalds to get these jobs? honestly. i can't see anybody growing up and saying they want to guess what other people will be wearing. i spend enough energy finding a clean t-shirt, i don't want to have to think about what other people might possibly be wearing. and what if they're wrong? do they get fired? do they get paid by performance? is there a rating scale? like such-and-such was 62% correct, he gets a raise. "well britney thinks that she's going to wear more pink this year because pink is fun and girly." come to think of it, i'd be pretty good at that. i just made that up and it sounds like any of those other shmos. and really, is there that much desire from people to hear this? i don't see a groundswell of picketers carrying signs saying they want to know what sort of pants jennifer lopez will wear this season. oh well. i guess everybody needs a job.

ps, happy new year. i didn't make a resolution to post more often, but i should have.