so apparently someone hacked into Paris Hilton's cell phone gizmo (apparently a Sidekick, which has an organizer, camera, cell phone, etc) and has posted her phone book, notes, and pictures from her camera phone. From what I understand, this Sidekick posts everything on it to a website so you can see everything online (as my cell phone does with the phone book, I think), and somebody figured out how to lon into Paris's account. This could all be fake, but it's pretty interesting either way. I read it all on Stereogum, which has a bunch of posts about it. The main sites, though, are www.hiltonhacked.com, which I unfortunately learned is Not Safe for Work. Her phone book and notes are pretty much safe for work though. The phone book apparently has Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne, Nicole Richie, Jermaine Dupri, Andy Roddick, Vin Diesel, and pretty much any other young famous person you might think Paris Hilton would hang out with. I assume that most of the numbers are changed or the mailboxes are full by now, though. I haven't looked through the notes, they're pretty jumbled up. Anyway, get it while the stuff is still available online. A gossip blog called Gawker also has some news about this whole thing.

And an update: CBS News has an article about the hack and cell phone security, including a cell phone virus. That sucks. And a search on Yahoo News finds a lot of articles about the Paris Hilton hack thing too.

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