New album, video from The Streets

so I'm a fan of The Streets, the English rapper (Mike Skinner) who does interesting beats too. I really liked his first album, Original Pirate Material, and he's coming out with a fourth on October 7 in the US (Sept 15 in the UK), Everything is Borrowed.

Vice Records has an MP3 and video for "The Escapist," although you have to put in an email address. The song sounds like the slower, more thoughtful ones on A Grand Don't Come for Free, but is more interesting musically. The video is good as well, it reminds me of that book The Road by Cormac McCarthy. The other songs on his Myspace page are similar.

Here's the Youtube version, though the one on Vice's webpage is better quality.


DC Demands the Vote

so as you may know, Washington, DC doesn't have a vote in Congress. That's nearly 600,000 people without voting representation. Here's a good go-go song about it:

If you think DC residents like myself should be able to have a say in how their city is governed, then please contact your Congressman and tell them so.


Obama's font

So if anybody's wondering, the Obama campaign is using the Gotham font. I was looking around for it because I like their typeface, and through a quick Google search I discovered it. Good times.

Here's more on it, pretty interesting stuff.


Fat guy with gun

So for some reason I find this video hilarious.



So this is pretty funny. It's the pancake song.

Gracias to my pal for the link.


Facebook status

so I think it's crazy when the Facebook feed says somebody is no longer listed as married. What do you do? It's nuts. Maybe they just took off their relationship status and didn't split up. I don't want to ask them, but at the same time... weird.


Football weekend

So on Saturday I went to see the Redskins play the Bills in an exhibition game and tailgates. I took a bunch of photos, here are some.

This dude had a motorized cooler

There was food

These guys came around carrying a keg and chanting "Beer parade! Beer parade!"

I did one.

As did Don, which was rocking, as the guy shows.

Don was excited

Me too

There were a lot of people there

And there was football.

Then we crashed this party when we got home

I lost my phone at some point but got one of these girls' numbers. I don't remember who, I hope she was cute. If you have my phone, please contact me.

Bunch more photos here


Samuel L. Jackson cab driver

So today I had a pretty awesome cab driver.

I was going to work, and as soon as I got in, he yelled "FUCK! It's Friday! They gonna run us over!" or something to that effect about the buses and cars on the street. He had the exact same tone and voice as Samuel L., it was kind of uncanny. It was mostly joking and pretty hilarious, he kept doing it on 16th Street, honking and hollering, sometimes just random stuff: "SOMERSAULTS!", and him and me were laughing it up.

Other than the Samuel L yelling, he was a totally normal guy, talking about what he thought of the meter and stuff. Then when I got work, the fare was $10 so I gave him $12, and he gave me $1 back, saying that's for church, or remember me when you get a drink today. Pretty cool. I like interesting cabbies.

Metronomy - "Radio Ladio"

so this is a pretty cool video by Metronomy, an English electronic music act I found by browsing the Youtube related videos. It's proof that you just need to be creative to make a cool video.

My friend has their album, Pip Paine (Pay the £5000 You Owe), and says it's pretty excellent.


The Onion burns the Nats

so i saw this today, pretty funny. It's one of the Onion's info graphics.


M83 live at KCRW

so M83's Saturdays=Youth is probably my favorite CD of the last year. Here's them (Anthony Gonzalez and co.) playing live on "Morning Becomes Eclectic" at the KCRW radio studios. Good stuff.