so this news article has the best headline ever: "School Mistakes Huge Burrito for a Weapon." I also like the URL it's listed unde - Burrito Lockdown. What a good band name.
so I have stumbled up and been sent some funny sites lately:

Black People Love Us!, self-explanatory, from Anne. Very, very funny.

A video of a very creative a capella group doing lots of Nintendo theme songs. Funny stuff, sent by Edmund.

And finally, Screech on Screech. Dustin Diamond, Screech from Saved by the Bell, talking about the Nationals' new mascot, Screech the Eagle.


Damien Jurado and Radar Bros at the Black Cat

Radar Bros
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So i went to see Damien Jurado and the Radar Bros at the backstage of the Black Cat the other day. I had never heard a song by either one, but it was a good show. Radar Bros opened, and play slow countryish rock, sort of like the slow Pink Floyd songs, but twangier. It was good but almost put me to sleep. One of the guitar players was great too, (on the left in the photo, also played keyboards). (Mp3s and more info here). Damien Jurado is pretty folksy, but a lot of his songs are pretty sad and old-fashioned sounding, like the songs from "O Brother Where Art Thou" about people dying and whatnot. He's wasn't what I thought he'd look like either, when I first saw him I assumed he was the roadie - he's a big, burly guy. He put on a really good show though, and it really made me want to write songs, something I'd never done before. He was funny guy too, his guitar stopped working after one song, so the sound guy came out to see what was wrong. While the sound guy was working, he made up a song about the him, "sound guy, you have cool tattoos, you must get all the girls" etc, but it rhymed and was amusing. I usually don't like folky stuff, but I really enjoyed it. Check them out.


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so I jammed my finger playing football on sunday, as you can see, and i have a splint on it now. it's surprising how much i don't need my middle finger to type and stuff like that. It's hard to pick stuff up sometimes, but I look like a cyborg if I flip somebody off, which is cool. and I can tap loudly on things, which is fun.


so I thought this was pretty awesome: A9 Yellow Pages, part of A9 Amazon's new search engine. What's cool about it is they drove around the city taking pictures of entire blocks, so you can see what the place looks like and what it's near. For example, check out the page for the Pizza Mart Jumbo Slice. Pretty rad!

I found it via DCist.
so I've been out to eat a lot recently. The other day I went to the Islander, a Caribbean place at 12th and U St NW. It was ok, I had goat curry with rice and peas and curry potatoes. They were all decent, but I felt like they all could have used more seasoning. And the goat was stringy, but that may just be how goat is, since that's the first time I've had it. The service though was very bad, the waitress came over and asked what we wanted, then never came back. We got the food and water from somebody else, and didn't get a refill of water until I walked around and grabbed somebody, and then they didn't give us any water until we were about to leave. The atmosphere was kind of blah too, there was really loud live jazz, but I'm not a jazz fan, and the place is pretty barren, white walls and white tablecloths, etc. Ho hum. Prices were moderate, I think my goat was $10ish.

The second place I went to was Meskerem, an Ethiopian place on 18th St in Adams Morgan. We got a sampler platter, which was decent. The injera, squishy bread, was good, and the various foods (mostly vegetarian) were decent. Some of them were interesting because I thought they'd be warm, then when I took a bite it was cold. I assume they were supposed to be that way. However, I also wished that the food was a little more peppier. Although it's possible they don't spend as much time on the sampler platter as they do the entrees. But it was still good and interesting food, but could have been better. And they have Ethiopian beers, which are good. I had the Hakim Stout, which is a sweet, pretty light stout. Tasty. My pal had some honey wine (mead), which was kind of mediciny and too sweet to drink. But it was from Ethiopia, so it was worth a try for curiosity's sake. The atmosphere was good, with Ethiopian decoration and tables and chairs. It was a little more expensive, I think the sampler was $24 for two.

The third place is Amsterdam Falafel Shop, also on 18th in Adams Morgan. I love this place. The falafel(s?) are delicious, and there are tons of tasty toppings you can add. I've been there tons of times and have yet to try them all. It's not a fancy place, as it's just quick food, but it's nice inside with lots of Dutch stuff. They also have solid fries with Dutch mayo and sometimes have shwarma, which I have yet to try. But this place is great, whenever I go there I am amazed how good it is. And mostly cheap, a whole falafel is like 5 or 6 bucks.


Bison on the loose in suburban Maryland!

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so this was pretty odd: some bison got out of a guy's farm in Maryland and ran around a suburb. Not something you see every day. And it's probably something that would only happen in Maryland, because everything in MD is a little weird and a little different. Like instead of 7-Eleven convenience stores, they have 6-Twelve.

(photo of bison on the tennis court from the AP)
so Rae Rae found out some stuff about Figurine, a band I think I wrote about awhile ago. The band is Jimmy Tamborello (aka Dntel, who made the beats for the Postal Service) and a couple other folks (they all have fake names). They used to email each other sound files (also like the Postal Service) and just re-released their first CD, which I had not been able to find anywhere. I bought this weird CD called Global Indie Clubpop on ebay or amazon awhile ago just to get one song by them, "IMpossible," which is amazing. Rae has an mp3 of it on her blog. I've been putting song on my party mixes for awhile, and it's about instant messenging, which is sort of lame, but it's still awesome. And I used to think it sounded like the Postal Service, I guess I know why now. Anyway, check out her post, she has lots of Mp3s and other info about them.


so continuing the immature posts, I thought this lady's name was awesome. If I went to that school, I'd take her class just to get people to ask me about her.
"I have bio next. The professor is so weird!"
"Who is it?"

Turtle sex

Turtle sex
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so I was at the National Zoo and saw this: it's two turtles getting it on. I walked by at maybe 1 pm or so on Saturday, I guess that is lovin' time for turtles.


so the new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs was made in San Antonio, by folks who know what picante sauce is supposed to taste like.

I was hoping it would be General Taco though. Because Pace and a Taco - what's better? Besides jalapenos.


so the new Beck cd is out, called Guero. What I've heard is cool and funny stuff, much more like the old beck than the Sea Change album, which I didn't like much. However, there seems to be some confusion about the pronunciation. Some people say "gwairo" and some even say "hairo" or "hwairo." (The DJ Mike on WOXY for example is confused.) I'm no Spanish expert, but I think it should be "gairo", like a hard G and the word arrow, but all together. For example, the word "guerra" means war, and is pronunced "gaira" (with a trilled r). The word "que," meaning "what," has the same rule, it's pronounced "kay," not "kway." I think that when there's a UE after a G it makes it a hard G and then you pronounce only the E, which makes a long A sound. So "gue" is gay. haha. I think it'd only be "gwairo" if the U has an umlaut over it, because that means pronounce both vowels separately.

This site says the same thing, that g+ue is a hard G plus the long A sound that the E makes in Spanish. Here's a sound clip of it. Boo-yah!

UPDATE - so my pal Erin told me she heard the song "Que Onda Guero" from his cd, and Mr. Hansen himself says "gwairo." So I guess he just didn't want to put the umlaut on there. Oh well.
so the other day, some DC officials said that gay couples may be able to file joint tax returns in DC. Today, Sam Brownback, a senator from Kansas, warned DC that its budget may be affected if this goes through. This is ridiculous for so many reasons: first off, the last time I checked, DC is not part of Kansas, so why does this guy think he can tell DC what to do? Secondly, I really think it's only fair that gay couples get all the rights that straight ones do. Thirdly, isn't this a states' rights (or territory rights) issue, anyway? Shouldn't Republicans support DC's right to make its own decisions, rather than trying to overrule them? And how does a moral issue entitle you to cut the budget of some other place? It makes me mad.

Here's the Post article on the warning from Brownback.

And here's where you can email the esteemed Senator. Or if you'd rather write a letter or call, which I hear they pay more attention to.
so monkeys are very smart, apparently. check out this site, and especially the video. Gizmo chaaaange! My roomate Adam showed me this. But he has no blog so I can't link to him. Honestly, go back to the stone age, dude.


so Stereogum has links to stream the new New Order and Ben Folds cds. The New Order one is really good, it really sounds like it could have come out 10-15 years ago. I haven't gotten to the Ben Folds one yet, aside from one song, "Jesusland," which I really like. Check em out. (Apparently they don't work on Macs). VH1 is strangely a good source for new album streams, they had the new Daft Punk cd too, and now these. Thanks, MTV, for continuing to suck. Maybe they're too busy making a Save Ferris girl - random actor show next! (Assuming they're together, I'm just making that up.)

And strangely enough, that actor I picked, Eddie Kaye Thomas (who played Finch in "American Pie," the guy only pooped at home) is apparently in the upcoming fourth American Pie movie, which is called "American Pie: Band Camp." And he seems like the only one from the first movie who is in it. There's even a different Stiffler. I never saw the third one, but it looked dumb.


so there's a new Pope, Cardinal Ratzinger from Germany, who is now Benedict XVI. I was sort of hoping he doesn't get it, because he seems like a real reactionary, conservative guy- the Post says
He once called homosexuality a tendency toward 'intrinsic moral evil" and dismissed the uproar over priestly pedophilia in the United States as a "planned campaign" against the church.
He was also the guy who told US bishops to deny communion to politicians who support abortion rights, like John Kerry. (The Post profile here). Then again, he is 78, so maybe this was a pick to placate the conservative types, since he probably won't be Pope for too long. Maybe they'll pick a liberal type next. And of course, he may be a good and fair Pope. Who knows.

Below are some articles on the election:
Washington Post
AP (via Yahoo)
so I was reading this Post article about the F-22 Raptor fighter jet, which is pretty interesting. What really struck me though, was the name of the Air Force's deputy director of strategic planning: Brig. Gen. S. Taco Gilbert III. First off, how bad is your first name if you go by S. Taco? Does S. stand for "stupid" or "shithead" or something? And I'm not sure that General Taco really strikes fear into the hearts of the enemies: Sherman, Pershing, Patton, Schwartzkopf... and Taco. General Taco sounds like a Mexican food wholesale store. And what is with military dudes with goofy names? I wrote awhile ago about Commander Flex Plexico about, a Navy spokesman. Weird stuff.

The article is pretty interesting though, discussing if this new jet is really necessary. I happen to think it is, as air power is still pretty useful- like in the first Gulf War. But oh well, I'll leave that to General Taco and his cronies to figure out. Like Admiral Burrito and Colonel Mustard.


so I got this idea from Edmund's blog, you search for "your name is" on Google. I did my full name because it's common enough to get some hits. The results are below. The last one is the funniest.

Andrew Wiseman is just one viewer who wants their "mess" cleaned up
Andrew Wiseman is being sued by Pentagon 5 for Defamation of Charecter
Andrew Wiseman is a member of the campaign and he is a well-published and respected writer
Andrew Wiseman is credited alongside another name
Andrew Wiseman is related to Isaac
Andrew Wiseman is a partner with Richard Keddie
Andrew Wiseman is never going to see her as anything more than a little sister


so there is some interesting stuff in the news:

Some bloody history of the Papacy. I like the part where they exhume the dead guy and then take him to court. It's interesting that I'm so interested in this, yet am not Catholic and don't go to church.

And Malaysian lawmakers are arguing about tight-fitting stewardesses' uniforms. My favorite quote:

...another woman parliamentarian, Tan Liam Hoe, who said: "When the male passengers board a plane, all they tend to look at are the stewardesses' breasts. This shows that they do not have strong values."
I guess my values are suspect.
so I was talking with my roommate the other day about John Bolton, the guy nominated to be the UN Ambassador. Basically, our discussion was that the dude looks like a doofus. He looks like a mean professor character from some teen-college movie. Or he looks like one of those things where you take pictures of parts of different people's faces and put them together. And the Post just wrote a pretty funny article about him.

Here he is: (an AP photo)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


so I found this video on Stereogum as usual, it's a very lame video for a song called "America, We Stand As One," with a goofy looking guy, who kind of looks like Steve Perry from Journey. The bio on his site says the guy is name Dennis Madalone, used to be the stunt coordinator for Star Trek and is on a Star Trek trading card! Plus when he was in high school he set the school record for the pole vault! I am getting patriotic just thinking about it.


so I thought this was absolutely hilarious: it's a bill in the Idaho state legislature commending the makers of Napoleon Dynamite on the positive things it showed about the state. Erin sent it to me. It's all pretty funny, but my favorite parts are these ones:

WHEREAS, tater tots figure prominently in this film thus promoting Idaho's most famous export; and

WHEREAS, Rico and Kip's Tupperware sales and Deb's keychains and glamour shots promote entrepreneurism and self-sufficiency in Idaho's small towns; and

WHEREAS, Kip's relationship with LaFawnduh is a tribute to e-commerce and Idaho's technology-driven industry; and

WHEREAS, Tina the llama, the chickens with large talons, the 4-H milk cows, and the Honeymoon Stallion showcase Idaho's animal husbandry;

Honestly, it's all good. I'd think it were an April Fool's joke if it weren't on an official website and it was introduced April 4th. Awesome.



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so i like candy. But I've noticed that M&Ms seem to be brighter than they used to be. Or maybe the world is duller. It's strange though, why change the color? They sort of look like some other kind of candy now, like fake generic M&Ms. And it's not like people see the candy inside the bags anyway, since the bags are brown.

But I've also had some new candy recently, like Overload, which is different kinds of candy on top of a peanut butter cup. However, it's really nothing special, it just tastes like different kinds of candy on top of a peanut butter cup. Ho hum.

I also got a Milky Way Midnight the other day, which is Milky Way with dark chocolate, and it was delicious. Much better than regular Milky Way, which is still pretty tasty. So I recommend that one.

And I had a new Kit Kit bar, "Triple Chocolate" (supposedly "limited edition"), which is a Kit Kat with chocolate wafers and chocolate filling, rather than the sort of peanut butterish filling and vaguely vanilla wafers. It was alright, basically it was just eating different textures of chocolate at the same time. I could do without.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


so I went to see the Fiery Furnaces show at the 9:30 Club last night. It must have been free night for Hill staffers and Clear Channel interns, because the place was full of tools with popped collars making jokes about holding up lighters. It was pretty annoying. The show, however, was alright. One of the folks with me said "they really have ADD," which was a pretty fair assessment. Their songs are already pretty choppy and change tempos and melodies a lot, but it felt like they made even more changes in concert, and at least one song, "Here Comes the Sun," was played much faster than on the album. The show itself felt short, even though it was 45 minutes to an hour, which is a pretty average length, I think (including two short encores), but the choppy songs might have contributed to the short feeling. The band didn't really seem to connect with the audience much either, they'd sort of play and change and stop, then say 1-2-3-4 really fast and start another song (or medley, they did that as well). The music was good and fun, though sometimes I wished they would just do one thing for 4 minutes, rather than switch so often. During a lot of their songs, I would start to think "this sounds like..." but then right before I figured out what it was, the song would change again and I would lose what I was thinking about. It was an interesting feeling. The drummer was really entertaining too, he was manic and made lots of weird faces, threw the sticks, bit them, and would make crazy grandiose movements like hitting the cymbals with his hands upside down or holding his arms outstretched after he hit something. I could have watched him the entire show. Despite the good music and a generally fun show, afterwards I felt like I hadn't done anything, it was like that time just disappeared. Again, a weird feeling. Below is a pretty blurry pic from the show. They always look clearer on my phone.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


so speaking of Mr. T, I found this cool webpage called Mr. T and Me, which is about a guy's Mr. T collection- he has cereal, Pez, etc etc. I like the intro page art too, and the homemade dolls. I wish I could find that pattern somewhere, I would borrow a sewing machine. I think Mr. T is cool, and not in an ironic way either. My icon on AIM was Mr. T in a sombrero for the longest time, and I was Mr. T a couple years ago for halloween. It's hard for my hair to go into a mohawk though. I was Flavor Flav a couple years ago too. And I may be Richard Hamilton this year (with face mask). I guess I like being black people for Halloween.

I also found this site called Delocator, which is a locator for non-Starbucks coffee shops. It's pretty cool. (I think I found it on dcist, but I forget).
so I thought this was amusing: The Secret Service is protecting a duck. And there are photos too!

The Peking Duck alert has been raised to mild, with fried rice.
so this is a pretty cool video. From Stereogum, of course.

It's Mr. T talking about yo mama. Good advice. I think I actually saw this video in my middle school health class. A part I still remember, and even thought was dumb then, was the section where Mr. T told kids that they should play off mistakes like they were meaning to do that. There was this kid walking down the street who tripped over a curb, and everybody laughed, but then he started to do some breakdance moves, and everbody thought he was real cool. "Wow, awesome!!!"


so some entertainment type news:

looks like Cookie Monster has given up cookies

some Star Wars nerds wait at the wrong theater

somebody named Daniel Craig is the new James Bond

and Michael Bay may direct a new Transformers movie


so I read this very interesting article from the Christian Science Monitor about how the next Pope will be chosen. Campaigning for the Papacy is frowned upon, and actually could hurt the candidate, so everything has to be done very subtly, like what topics the cardinals' sermons are on could be hints at what they might focus on as Pope. Interesting stuff. And any baptized male could be the Pope, so maybe it could be me. Even though I'm not Catholic and haven't been to church for at least 5 years.

The Post also has an informative chat with one of the Pope's former assistants. Kind of a Frequently Asked Questions about the Papacy.
so here's my newest list of concerts I want to see. Probably won't see them all, but oh well.

FRI APR 8 The Fiery Furnaces w/ Dios Malos & Blood on the Wall $15.00 9:30 Club.
I have liked what I've heard of Fiery Furnaces, dunno the rest.

SUN APR 10 OK GO, ARMY OF ME, THE SUN $12 mainstage 8:30 Black Cat
OK GO is very poppy rock, and what I've heard of The Sun I've liked. I like the Sun. Haha.

FRI APR 15 M83, ULRICH SCHNAUSS $12 mainstage 9:30 Black Cat
Slow techno stuff, pretty cool (mp3s between the pictures and more discussion in the comments).

SAT APR 16 BLUESTATE: Your Favorite Bloggers Hit the Decks free backstage 9:30 Black Cat
Always wanted to go to this, but usually it's late on Wednesday.

THU Apr 21 Supersystem (formerly El Guapo), Mary Timony, No Things (Ex-Liars) 8:30 Warehouse Next Door
Supersystem are good in concert, and their Myspace page has good songs. I hear Mary Timony is good, and the ex-Liars band might be interesting.

MON APR 25 Dizzee Rascal w/ DJ Wonder $15.00 9:30 Club
I missed most of Dizzee Rascal's set when he was with the Streets last year, and I like his songs more now anyway. Apparently DJ Wonder is an old grime guy, grime being that sort of English rap that Dizzee Rascal does. The New Yorker (?!?) defines grime.

FRI APR 29 IVY, STARS, ASTAIRE $12 mainstage 9:30 Black Cat
I'm surprised Stars aren't headlining, they are getting a lot of buzz.

THU May 5 Jimmy Chamberlin Complex(feat. Jimmy Chamberlin of the Smashing Pumkins!) $12 w/Danger Adventure & Brice Woodall and Josh Scolaro DC9
My friend Kanevsky loves the Smashing Pumpkins, I suppose I'll check it out.

FRI MAY 6 The Decemberists w/ Willy Mason $15.00 9:30 Club
Decemberists put on a good show, and I like em anyway. Colin Melloy's voice is really interesting too.

TUE May 10 The Lucksmiths w/The Ladybug Transistor & Lil Hospital $10 DC9
Ladybug Transistor is one of those Elephant 6 bands, kind of poppy tweeish rock, I guess. Never really heard much, but I've also heard of the Lucksmiths somewhere.

THU MAY 12 BRITISH SEA POWER, FEIST $12 mainstage 8:30 Black Cat
Have heard good things about both.

SAT MAY 14 The Sun Iota
Good power pop. Check out their Myspace page.

MON MAY 16 NEIL HAMBURGER, PLEASEEASAUR $8 backstage 9:00 Black Cat
Apparently Neil Hamburger is a weird comedian, it might be fun

SAT MAY 28 THE RAVEONETTES, AUTOLUX, THE PEELS $12 mainstage 9:30 Black Cat
Raveonettes are cool, a Swedish rock duo. Saw Autolux with the Moving Units, they were alright, kind of shoegazery.

SAT JUNE 4 STEPHEN MALKMUS $15 mainstage 9:30 Black Cat
Former lead singer of Pavement, a band I really like. His solo stuff is good too. "The Hook" is an awesome song. I bet it will sell out fast.

THU Jun 16 Architecture in Helsinki(Australia) w/The Postions, Parlour Scouts & Head of Femur DC9
I gave Architecture in Helsinki's first CD a pretty bad review, but I'll give them a second chance. And I saw Head of Femur awhile ago in Philly and they were pretty good. They sound kind of like a poppier, less moody (i.e. less Oberst-y) Bright Eyes, partially because a lot of the guys in the band are in Bright Eyes. I wrote a long review of their first CD earlier.
so I had been liking the Adidas commercial with the guy running on different surfaces, getting chased by the bear, and running into a fire hydrant, and I liked the weirdly cool song too ("whenever I wake up, trying to shake up..."), but I couldn't find it online anywhere. Mainly because I thought it was a Nike commercial. But anyway, it was posted on Stereogum today, pretty cool. The video is by Spike Jonze, which makes sense, because he does a lot of kooky music videos and movies (like Beastie Boys' "Sabotage," Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice," etc). The song is sung by Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and written by somebody named Squeak E. Clean.


so it looks like Google Maps, which I mentioned previously, now has satellite imagery too. It's pretty cool and easy to get. Here's a satellite photo of 18th St NW & Columbia Rd, the main intersection in Adams Morgan, my 'hood. The imagery is pretty good too, and seems pretty up-to-date, it even has the construction in the subdivision behind my house in Knoxville, which happened in the last year or so. Cool stuff.


so Mollie sent me a link to a news article that says there is going to be a sequel to Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Pretty awesome. I hope it's as good as the original, which is very funny.
so the Nationals, DC's new baseball team, open their season today at 3 against the Phillies in Philadelphia. The Nats played an exhibition game here yesterday against the Mets, but lost. I'm looking forward to today's game though, which I will be following at ESPN.com. The Post and ESPN also have some good articles about the team, like a really positive, if kind of basic, one by Tim Kurkjian, and one about ace Livan Hernandez, who seems like a good guy. I'm not so sure he should be bragging about the Silver Slugger award though, which means he was the best-hitting pitcher last year. That's kind of like being the tallest kicker in the NFL, or the goalie with the longest name. Not exactly an extremely important award. And anyway, you can't beat Mike Hampton for best hitting pitcher, he has 7 home runs one year. That's more than many shortstops.

But anyway. There's also a short photo slideshow of the Nationals game yesterday.

And I liked Tom Boswell's column as well.

And the rest of the Post's good coverage is here.
so I saw Sin City yesterday, it was pretty entertaining. There were some corny bits that elicited some chuckles from the crowd, but since the movie was based on comic books (or "graphic novels") I guess that sort of was to be expected. However, it was visually really cool, and Mickey Rourke and Clive Owen were good. Plus there were a lot of attractive ladies, some of whom were naked, so that's nice. Jessica Alba, however, is a pretty bad actress. And I don't really like her anyway, mainly due to a Punk'd episode where she got Punk'd and was pretty mean about it. Oh well. But anyway, I recommend seeing the movie, it was fun. Kind of long though, 2 hours-plus.

In other news, I listen to the classic rock station (94.7, WARW) in the mornings before work, and today I heard "Two Princes" by the Spin Doctors. That song is allright, and I remember loving it when I was middle school, but I think it hardly counts as classic rock. I think if something came out during the Clinton administration, it's not classic rock. What's next, "New Age Girl"? (That "Mary Moon, she don't eat meat but she sure likes the bone" song.) It's strange enough hearing U2 or the Police on that station, but at least they're in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, for whatever that's worth. I don't think a song can be classic rock if it was made after 1990. And even before that, a lot of songs shouldn't make the cut.


so the Pope is in pretty bad shape apparently. I read online that some bookies are setting odds on who the next Pope will be. One place has a Nigerian cardinal at 4:1, and another has an Italian at 3.4:1. Pretty kooky stuff.

And I also found a very interesting article from a Catholic magazine called America with info on how the Pope is chosen, if he can resign, if an American could be Pope (they say probably not) and lots of other frequently asked questions.
so I saw some really cool stuff in the news: DCist.com reports that the a couple of local activists have started a campaign to buy the naming rights at RFK Stadium and call it "Taxation Without Representation Field at RFK Stadium," in order to highlight the fact that DC has no voting member of Congress. They are getting pledges on their website, and have already gotten about $10,000 in 24 hours, including my $25 pledge. And DCist also reported that the DC City Council has a bill requesting that the team wear patches about Taxation Without Representation and that our non-voting member of Congress, Eleanor Holmes-Norton throws out the first pitch. Clever stuff.

And also, the BBC recently requested to interview Bob Marley, who has been dead since 1981.

"He was very quiet."
so my friend, who doesn't want me to use his name so I'll call him Janevsky, sends me a lot of weird news articles, and some are about sex stuff, like when city council people shut down strip clubs and people try to ban "sexy dancing" by cheerleaders. We always complain how this sucks, and how the country is getting so puritanical and dumb about sex stuff. Like abstinence education for instance: "Let's give kids misinformation so when they actually do have sex, because they're going to anyway, they are more likely to get pregnant and get diseases." But anyway, he suggested starting a PAC to give money to candidates who are not puritans, which is a fantastic idea. He also suggested getting Jenna Jameson at fundraisers, which is also a great idea. We could talk about how it's bad to be puritanical and how sex stuff gives money to candidates and the economy (as this article also shows.) And we could call it Sex-PAC. Like a six-pack. Har har.