so the Express reported yesterday that Metro is thinking of getting corporate sponsorships for its stations. (Pretty shocking that I read something in the Express that I hadn't already heard). Anyway, I think this is a good thing, especially since Metro always seems to be needing money and people don't want to pay the .0001 cents more of taxes for it. However, I hope if they rename stations, they put the ad part at the end, it would suck having to go to Prada Station at Foggy Bottom-GWU for GW basketball games. It's kind of lame to have a station sponsored by anybody, but I could put up with it if it's at the end: "Foggy Bottom-GWU station, brought to you by Prada." Or you know, Kate Spade or Gucci or whatever GW girls wear nowadays.

I could give a shit about who sponsors the station, really, unless there's a Krispy Kreme or Haribo Gummi Bears station, then all of my trips would end there. "Sorry I'm late boss, real long delay on the Red line. We were stuck at Krispy Kreme station for an hour."

Or another could sponsor the station at College Park. That would be funny and confusing for tourists, which is also funny. College Park-UMD, sponsored by George Mason University.


Edmund Schluessel said...


A jail near Knoxville that has a webcam.

Andrew said...

whoa, I see crooks. bizarre. I used to work in that county, but not too many nights were spent at that jail.