Billy Ocean

so I was reminded of this song today. I hadn't seen the video, it's pretty odd. It starts out sort of usual-cheesy-80s, then goes bizarre. Cartoons?

Also the beginning is pretty funny:

-"Hey you, get into my car!"
-"Who me?"
-"Yes You, get into my car!"

Gee, that sounds like a great idea.



so apparently they're getting rid of Sparks. Some attorneys general are suing MillerCoors, which makes it, for a number of stupid reasons. To wit:

Argument: It's marketed to underage people.

This is bogus. Everyone I know who drinks it (me included) is 25 or older. And even if it is marketed to underage people (and how would it be? During Hannah Montana episodes?), you get carded when you buy alcohol anyway! If some kid brought a can of Sparks to the counter and he is able to buy it, it's the liquor store's fault, not MillerCoors. They stopped cigarettes from being advertised, why not stop Sparks?

Argument: People think the caffeine will counteract the alcohol.

Seriously, this is a real argument made by the attorney general of Maryland. Where did this guy go to school, DeVry? Anyone who thinks that is a moron, and that has nothing to do with Sparks. And anyway, why would you drink alcohol if you thought caffeine would counteract it? That makes no sense.

Argument: It's bad for you.

What, and other alcohol is good for you? Beer makes you smart? Jagermeister will help you lift heavy stuff? We know it's bad for you, and we don't care.

If you feel the same way, there's a Facebook group, and you can email the Attorney General of Maryland -- hopefully a reasonable email.


Baby Names

so Aiden and Jayden are the top baby names of 2008? Man, you know our culture is not doing well when Britney Spears' baby inspires that kind of response.


Where is Paddy's Irish Pub?

so I like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, that TV show on FX. It's pretty hilarious. Something I've been wondering, however, was where their bar, Paddy's Pub, is located - is it a soundstage? Some place in Philly? LA? I dunno. The best I've found so far was a Philadelphia Weekly blog post from 2005 mentioning the show briefly. Turns out they aren't the best predictors:
Rumors were swirling that an FX network TV pilot called It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia was being shot on Ninth Street last weekend, and when we did a little investigation, we discovered the rumors were true. The comedy sounds like a pale Cheers imitation, undoubtedly with bad Philly accents and more stereotypes than an article about cheesesteaks. The plot revolves around a group of friends who own a Philly bar, one of whom reveals he has cancer in the first episode. We can't wait to see where they're going with this one. Then again, maybe we can.

FX=trying OUT a new comedy series is a risky proposition!

Philly=always desperate for OUT-of-towners' approval!
So, 9th Street. And supposedly it's in South Philly. That's all I got. From one of the shows, it looks like there's a parking lot down the street from the bar.

Anyone else have an idea?


Deedie Dowdle

so apparently Auburn University may or may not have fired football coach Tommy Tuberville. I could care less about that. What I do care about is that Auburn's spokesperson is named Deedie Dowdle. That sounds like a cartoon character.
Auburn spokeswoman Deedie Dowdle said Monday the university stands by Jacobs’ statement that Tuberville resigned.
Say it ten times fast, it's fun.

This is just one in a long line of spokespeople with silly names -- Commander Flex Plexico, General S. Taco Gilbert III, and others.


Bat for Lashes

so I haven't posted about music in awhile, but I found this one courtesy my pal's Facebook - it's Bat for Lashes, aka Natasha Khan, an English singer-songwriter, and the song is "What's a Girl to Do?" It's a bit eerie sounding, with thumping bass, horror-movie atmospherics, and what sounds like harpsichords, and there's a bit of strange cutesiness courtesy of Khan's voice. The awesome video matches that tone, but don't let me ruin it, here it is:


Here's her Myspace and official site.



so I got this from the Philly Search. Pretty awesome.