so here are some more interesting links and news.

my friend jess sent me this clip from an old Muppets skit. Funny stuff. I also like the vaguely Scandinavian subtitles.

Andrew Bogut's blog. Andrew's a forward/center on the University of Utah college basketball team and he's really good. He's Australian and has some funny stuff on the page, like a poll of which animal would you rather see him fight: a crocodile, a kangaroo, a dingo, or a koala. I voted for the koala.

And the Super Bowl is coming up, which made me think of the Bud Bowl, and how awesome it was. I wish they'd bring it back. What's funny is I was probably in elementary school when they were on, but I loved watching those beer bottles play football. And also, I wonder what happened to Bud Dry and Bud Ice, I don't think I see them around anymore. Anyway, here are a few pages about the Bud Bowl.

Bud Bowl's Greatest Games
Some other page that has good pictures.

And again speaking of college hoops, GW is playing Temple (at Temple) on ESPN tomorrow at 2 pm eastern. Everyone should tune in, it should be a big game for both teams, as both are NCAA tournament bubble teams. But now it's time for the weekend, over and out.

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Edmund Schluessel said...

That's not just vaguely Scandinavian. That's Swedish.