so, one of the main guitarists and singers in stereolab died the other day, which really sucks. they were a great band that i liked a lot, and i never got to see them. if you haven't heard of them or haven't heard much of their music, i suggest you check it out: try searching for them on amazon or artistdirect.net to read about them and hear clips. they were pretty funky and kooky, and i enjoyed their music a lot. it seems as time goes on, bands i want to see break up or stop playing, like ben folds five, pavement, belly, and lots of others. i guess i should go see bands when they're in town and not wait around. i think that applies to everything too, not just concerts. we shall see.


so i went to see Superdrag and The Donnas at the black cat. i went for superdrag, who are from knoxville and who i like a lot, but i figured i'd stick around and see the donnas, too. i'd never seen either group, and i was looking forward to superdrag especially. there were some other bands too, but my friends and i didn't get there in time. superdrag put on a good show, they rocked pretty hard and played the songs i liked, plus some cool new ones. my friends who'd never heard them liked it too. i talked to them afterwards about knoxville and stuff, and they were nice dudes. the donnas also rocked hard, though all of their songs sounded the same. however, they're pretty hot chicks and all of their songs are about how they like to have sex and drink beer and how they only like guys who drink beer, so that was pretty cool. they were a lot louder though, as in very loud, and and my friends and i all noticed that we couldn't hear too well the next day. the black cat is very neat place, it's not too big, it's not too dark, and it doesn't smell like cigarettes. plus wherever you are is a good view of the band, and they have good beers too. so a good time was had by all. i recommend seeing these groups if you can. good stuff.


this is my new favorite place:


geography is awesome.


so i think everybody should go and download the song cock mobster by MC paul barman. it's definetly the funniest song i've heard it a long time. the rest of his stuff is very funny too. i heard him first on this internet radio thing i listen to at work. thankfully, i have headphones.


so i'm not the first person to say this, but i think baseball commissioner bud selig should be fired immediately: he doesn't know the name of the team that won the world series (the angels), he tried to contract one of the more succesful teams in recent years (the twins), he won't bring a team to d.c., one of the biggest and wealthiest markets in the country, and he is a real jackass. i don't know if anybody saw the 7th game of the world series besides me, all 11 anaheim angels fans in the world, and san franciscans, but i think he acted like a fool during the postgame awards ceremony. when he was introduced, everyone in the crowd started booing, which i liked, and the entire time he was on stage he was scowling. he didn't smile at all, which is odd considering the world series is a pretty happy occassion watched by more people than any other baseball game, then snatched the microphone from whoever was talking. when he talked about the game and how the angels did well and such, he said something along the lines of "the calif, anahiem angels deserve this." the anahiem angels were called the california angels before 1996. it seems to me that the commissioner of baseball should know that a team in his league changed its name 6 years ago. he had notes up there, he was looking down at then while speaking, and he still got it wrong. maybe he didn't think the angels were going to win, and had only written a speech to present the trophy to the new york giants.


file under "rapid, nonsensical topic change" :

SQUIDPANTS (3:45 AM): are you always online
ZestyBabe04 (3:46 AM): nope...i worked tonight
ZestyBabe04 (3:46 AM): and yesterday
ZestyBabe04 (3:46 AM): and the night before
SQUIDPANTS (3:46 AM): boo
SQUIDPANTS (3:46 AM): where you work
ZestyBabe04 (3:46 AM): the ice rink in the mall
SQUIDPANTS (3:46 AM): haha, cool
ZestyBabe04 (3:48 AM): all i said was a guy cant think about sex ALL the time because we all have to eat. and cooking ramen noodles takes focus
ZestyBabe04 (3:48 AM): and he got all grossed out
SQUIDPANTS (3:49 AM): haah
SQUIDPANTS (3:49 AM): who?
ZestyBabe04 (3:49 AM): my best friends older brother
SQUIDPANTS (3:49 AM): hmm
ZestyBabe04 (3:50 AM): hes a marine too
SQUIDPANTS (3:51 AM): too?
ZestyBabe04 (3:51 AM): arent marines not supposed to be grossed out easy? or something
ZestyBabe04 (3:51 AM): he says icky boys must have taught me that who didnt know how to act around a lady
SQUIDPANTS (3:51 AM): nmm

And that was that.


So I think it's officially the first day of breathing steam weather. In other news, I met Michael Jackson at the the Brickskeller which is my favorite bar. but not michael jackson the thriller guy, michael jackson, the famous beer critic. the beer hunter . see, i'm not loco. and if those links aren't enough, check out this awesome "salute your shorts" page: here. camp annawanna, we hold your in our hearts, but when we think about you, it makes me wanna fart!


hi. this is my new blog. cool huh? well not so far. but soon enough, it will be cool. so in the meantime, check out the world's greatest website. My favorite is leather guy. not what you may be thinking, you dirty person. also in the meantime, here are some awesome mp3s i think you should get. rest assured i really think you will like them all. and what's 5 minutes on kazaa for something that may cause hours of "wow that is good," huh?

sale of the century by sleeper - a great brit pop song with a cool chorus or hook or whatever, and really guitars. it's "dope."

if i only had a brain by mc 900 foot jesus - a minor hit in the early 90's i think, it's a really funny rap / techno with a great beat.

goldfinger by ash - another brit pop song, this one noisier and sort of like weezer, but with a cool chorus as well.

daysleeper by rem - REM spells "rem" but i'm wrong. it's a minor hit by the great band, but i think it's one of their best. the unplugged version is not that great though, i think.

So i urge you to get these. they're way good!!!