so i hope i am wrong, but i think we may have witnessed the beginning of the end of the u.s. as the only superpower in the world. i think this war is sort of the straw that breaks the camel's back that turns world opinion wholly against us. other countries have already hated us, and now most of europe is against us, which is never good. just because we are powerful and rich it doesn't mean we will always be rich and powerful, and we can't just enforce that on the world, militarily or economically. one of the main reasons that england declined and is no longer a world power is that they spread themselves too thin and thought that because they were rich and powerful that they could, and then they started getting thrown out of and voluntarily left huge areas of the world, like india, the u.s., and the middle east, where they used to be dominant, and then one day just decided to leave because it was too difficult to keep control. and while we don't rule areas militarily, we sort of do economically, and we cannot stand against the whole world as we are. and using another historical example, when spain was an imperial power, they assumed that they'd always be rich and have a supply of gold and silver from their colonies, and then they started to face independence movements and got less gold and silver, and thus they are now just another dinky country. granted i am rambling, and we have a lot more natural resources than spain, but i think it's a similar situation, we seem to think that our economy will always be strong, and it won't be if we just assume it will. assuming that we'll be powerful while at the same time being antagonistic and arrogant to the whole world and ignoring the united nations just will not work out in the end, i think. and again, i hope i am wrong. now i am going to go eat french fries and french toast and see if there are any busty girls in american flag bikinis in maxim.


so i think that everyone should download the song "get a haircut and get a real job" (at least I think that's what it's called) by george thorogood and the destroyers. because i was sitting at work today thinking of the things i needed to do today, and those came to mind. plus that is a good song. i went to a rockies game once in denver and they played it at the stadium when john kruk came up to bat for the phillies. that was funny.