so there's a new Beck video out, for a decent song called Black Tambourine. Check it out. From stereogum.

And here are some more miscellaneous cool sites i've found recently.

Google Maps- Google has continued their world domination with a new site. It's a bit faster and more powerful than Yahoo Yellow Pages or Mapquest, but the directions are a bit suspect. It gave me a real convoluted way to get to work. But the maps are good looking.

The Implicit Associations Test- a set of tests from Harvard seeing if you can differentiate between old and young people, for example, and thus your preferences for older or younger folks. Pretty interesting.

Band to Band- a six-degrees type thing where you can see how one band links to another. I'm trying to get bands that are totally different, like Slayer and They Might Be Giants. And if you're really bored, you can add bands.

Matthew Lesko's blog- Just what it says, the blog of the guy who wears the question mark jacket and screams about "GETTING MONEY FROM THE GOVERNMENT!!!" I think he lives in my neighborhood too.

Gizoogle- speaking of Google, here's a page that turns your site into Snoop Dogg-ese, or gangsta slang, or whatever you want to call it. Here's a little sample from my blog:

"He's Australian n has some F-U-Double-Nizzy shiznit on tha page, like a poll of whizzich animal would you gangsta see him fizzight: a crocodizzles a kangaroo, a dingo, or a koala . Slap your mutha fuckin self. I voted fo' tha koala . One, two three and to tha four."

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