I Watch Every Ski Movie, Episode 3: Ski Wolf

so continuing my quest to watch every ski movie brings me to Ski Wolf. I've watched about a dozen and Ski Wolf is one of the worst.

It's barely a movie. It's basically a group of friends with a camcorder goofing around on ski slopes. In fact, there's not even an IMDB page for it, to show you how homemade it is.

The movie comes from Low Budget Pictures, which is sort of a knock-off (reallllly knock-off) Troma, with other titles like Teenape Vs. The Nazi Monster Apocalypse, Terror at Blood Fart Lane, Moist Fury, and so on. Some of the characters in Ski Wolf are in the other movies too. An example is Marge, a 20ish girl who wears 80s glasses, a wig, has a pillow under her shirt and talks in a weird voice. Apparently that's the character, not the character pretending to be in costume. Which gives you an idea of the level of this movie.

The plot, if you want to call it that, is that a few friends go to a ski resort somewhere to hang out with their uncle, who is clearly the same age as everybody else). The uncle is being forced to sell the place to a jerky guy. One of the friends turns into a wolf, who everyone thinks is awesome for some reason, and in the end he kills the jerky guy.

In between the guy turning into a wolf, a bunch of things happen for no reason. For example, a couple of ogre-looking guys show up for no reason and do nothing, a couple of bands play (including ska), and there's a very awkward 10-minute sex scene with the wolf and a woman, who are joined mid-way through, again for no good reason, by two of the other characters. (The Making Of feature on the DVD, which is longer than the movie itself, reveals the woman in the sex scene to be an internet porn star.)

And throughout the entire movie the characters do and say things that make no sense and usually aren't funny. My friends and I were saying "what?" "why?" and so on out loud about every 30 seconds

That's basically it. If you watch the Making Of (we were very bored) you sort of get the sense of the personalities of the people in it, which helps a bit, but still, it's really terrible.

That said, it's still better than Ski Trippin', at least because this movie used microphones and was fairly well-lit, and they actually ski (a little).

But really, don't watch it. The only way I can think think this would be watchable would be if you are under the influence of illegal drugs, but I would hope you have something better to do in that case. Like sleep.

And here's the trailer, for whatever reason.


Music Jam: Pomplamoose

so my friend Kate told me about this band, it's a unsigned duo from the Bay Area called Pomplamoose, a play on pamplemousse, the French word for grapefruit. They're kind of girly, but undeniably catchy and fun and stuff. And it helps that the lead singer has a great, jazzy voice and is pretty gorgeous. I bet so many dudes fell in love.

Here's one I like, and there a ton more on their Youtube page.

They do little stories after the songs too. Here's their Myspace, Twitter and Wikipedia page.