The Obamas in Washington

so this is a pretty cool article, it's asking whether the Obamas will go out in Washington more than George W. Bush. It mentions a few spots, like 2 Amy's (which I think is overrated) and Ben's Chili Bowl, and is one of the few articles about D.C. that talks about the city itself rather than just the institutions of government. I hope there are more to come.


Hair and Diamonds

So I saw this video on Facebooks. It's bizarre and kind of gross and funny.

Where Diamonds Come From. from christopher mcmanus on Vimeo.

It's from a blog called Hair and Diamonds, which is exactly what it sounds like.



so Obama won! That's amazing. I was in Adams Morgan, DC when they called the election, walking down 18th Street. I heard chanting "5... 4... 3..." coming from the Duplex Diner, so I ran over and saw just as the graphic showing they predicted Obama to be the winner came up. Everybody went nuts at the bar, and my friend and I ran the four blocks to 14th and U Street, where a street party had already been happening. It was pandemonium.

There were hundreds of people all over, in the street, climbing on bus stops, chanting, singing, cheering, hugging strangers, giving high fives, on and on. I hung out in the street and met up with my friend, and we caught most of Obama's victory speech standing in a doorway of a bar on U, then met up with my friends who had been volunteering for Obama in southern Virginia. We went to DC9, which was an awesome atmosphere, and drank some there. Then at last call, about 2:30 am, we went back outside and it was still pandemonium everywhere - people honking, running around with flags, jumping on their cars. It was an amazing scene.

And I made this video from the night.

And I got quoted in this article (second page).