Music Jam: Beck - "Steve Threw Up"

so this is an old Beck song that which was released on vinyl in limited quantities in 1994, and had a limited vinyl re-release in 2000. My friend had the record in about sophomore year of high school and I was a big fan, but I had mostly forgotten about it until I was working on the Buzz Bin page on Wikipedia. The song is about one of Beck's friends who threw up after taking LSD. Pretty good stuff.

And the backing band is That Dog, who had some minor success in the mid 90s are had a couple members in The Rentals.

It's not actually a video, but hey, enjoy.


Awards Shows

So I don't really get the point of awards shows. What does or matter if a movie you like (or don't like) wins an award (or doesn't)? Is it validation? Do people subconsciously want to get mad about the awards, to complain? My roommate said she likes to see the dresses, so I guess that's something, but otherwise I don't get it. Like what you like.


Ladainian Tomlinson is my new favorite football player

so I like funny athletes. Thus my new favorite.

My friend made the point that it looks like Eric Wareheim (of Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!) made it. He might be the old guy with the wig.