so I just learned that Superdrag, probably my favorite band, is getting back together. Most people probably remember their 90s MTV Buzz Clip "Sucked Out" (as in "Who sucked out the feeling") but the rest of their stuff is great - solid, creative, brit poppy, British Invasion indie rock. Pretty much everybody I've played them for likes them. They're good in concert too, I saw them at the Black Cat awhile ago (with the Donnas) and it was super. And I once bagged their groceries back in Knoxville. Good times.

The songs from the new album (b-sides and rarities) are up on their Myspace page.

And "Sucked Out":


so Google Maps is funny. Check out line 24 of the directions from NYC to Paris


so here is a picture of my car

I used to have a car very similar to this, same color and everything. It was a 1985 Chevy Citation II (I think the difference between the I and II is that the II had side mirrors on both sides). The car on the fence is a Chevette or Nova I believe. Mine cost more than $6.00 though.


so here's what my roommates and i did the other day - put a Peep in the microwave


so I'd heard of the towns of Intercourse and Blue Ball, PA before. But this is great

"There comes a time in every boy's life, whilst living in Virginville, that Blue Ball sets in. The solution, of course, is to head on over to Beaver for a little Intercourse, thereby entering Mount Joy. Directions enclosed."


so I wrote about DC voting rights before, that DC doesn't have a vote in the House or the Senate. This past monday was the DC Voting Rights March, and here's a video of it

About 2000 people or so made the march from Freedom Plaza to the Capitol.

You can briefly see me carrying the flag, I have a red hat and a neon yellow sign. My coworker David is standing next to me. My buddy Nik Schiller has more photos on his blog, including me in the third photo (with the red hat). He's the guy dressed like the colonial.


so I really like Ratatat. I saw them awhile ago at the Black Cat and the show was fantastic - loud, bombastic, explosive, etc etc. They're playing tonight at the 9:30 Club and I don't think I can make it, but if anybody else can, I recommend it - it's loud, completely instrumental, video-game sounding electronic rock that builds and builds until it blows up. Maybe not a unique description, but they sound different from anybody else - the first thing I thought of when I heard them was "Castlevania." And they put on a really great show at the Black Cat with fog machines and a light show, I've got to assume it will be even better at 9:30.

And I also found this unreleased album by them on the net, it's a bunch of shortish instrumental tracks from before their debut album. It's called "9 Beats" and isn't as explosive as the new stuff, but is pretty good. Apparently it's pretty collectible too.

Here's the album, get it while it's up.


so this is funny stuff


so my relatives are in a Domino's commercial. Check it out

There's another version too

What's funny is that in my sophomore year of college, we had a room phone. To dial on campus numbers, you would only dial the last 5 digits of the number, so 555-1234 became 51234. It turned out that the last five digits of our phone number were the first five of Domino's, so if you tried to call Domino's and forgot to dial 9 first, you'd get our phone. It took us awhile to figure this out, but once we did we had a great time with it. "Hello, Dominos? Sorry, no pizza, we're out. Only cheeseburgers" or whatever. People would order, or we'd say some nonsense, and good times were had. Except by drunkies who wanted pizza probably.

(thanks to erin for reminding me of this)


so I've complained about D.C.'s lack of voting rights before, but basically, Washington D.C. doesn't have a vote in Congress. I think this is very unfair. Why shouldn't we have a vote? There's 600,000 taxpayers here, but no vote.

However, I'm glad to see that there's a big D.C. Voting Rights March happening April 16 (which is also D.C. Emancipation Day, honoring the day where Lincoln freed slaves in D.C.) It starts at 2:30 pm at Freedom Plaza (Pennsylvania Ave NW between 13th and 14th) and goes to the Capitol. The Mayor, D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, a big choir, and more. I'm going, it should be pretty cool. Thankfully I have that day off.

DCist.com has more, and there's a clip of a documentary about DC's lack of a vote on Youtube.


so awhile ago I wrote about my webcam, which is pointed out my window towards Logan Circle. I added it to the sidebar too, under "my webcam" for obvious reasons. Anyway, check it out, it's usually on. once I saw a wreck on there, you might see some crazy stuff. probably just cars driving, people walking, maybe some dogs or a truck or a police car.


so i just saw this video on the myspaces. pretty cool. don't know much about it, but it's a clever video and a pretty cool song