so this is more a note to myself, but here are some concerts i wanna go to. i figure i should put them on here, otherwise i will lose the sheet of paper or email i wrote it on.

Black Cat, THUR MAY 15- MC PAUL BARMAN, JESSY MOSS, FISH MARKET $10 Mainstage 9:00
mc paul barman is a hilarious rapper, he raps about the weirdest stuff. download some of his stuff!

9:30 club Rooney & Feeder w/ AM Radio 6pm Doors FRI. MAY. 23 $10.00
feeder is one of those mid-90's alternative bands i like. they did "i'm going out for awhile, so i can get high with my friends," which i think is just called "high"

Black cat WED JUNE 11- ASH $12 Mainstage 8:30
ash is a cool brit-pop band i like a lot, i wrote about them earlier in the blog

american analog set is this interesting band that plays slow sort of techno music, kind of like air, i guess. they are neat. i dunno the rest, though i am looking forward to buying some salad dressing from the other people playing.


so i was doing some work online the other day and found this address : "E 42nd Stra, Tucson AZ." I thought, "what the hell is a 'stra'?" it's not spanish, as spanish for street is "calle" and the other words that mean avenue and pass and such aren't like "stra" either. and senorita is "srta", not "stra." so i looked some more online and found this page, the postal service abbreviation list, which, if you go down to s, you see Stra is "Stravenue". I've never heard of a stravenue before, so I guess it's half street, half avenue, which doesn't make any sense, as an avenue is defined (on the american heritage dictionary on yahoo at least) as:

1. abbr. Ave. or Av. A wide street or thoroughfare.

2a. A broad roadway lined with trees. b. Chiefly British The drive leading from the main road up to a country house.

so a stravenue is half wide street (possibly lined with trees) and half not a wide street, not lined with trees? why not just call it avenue? i am sure that not every part of an avenue has trees or is wide. and in towns in lots of places, especially in texas, a "street" runs east-west, while an "avenue" runs north-south, or vice versa, whether or not they are wide or tree-lined. looking them up on a map, such as this one, they seem to be in the city and in no particular area, just sort of strewn around. i also think that "Cherrybell stravenue" is about the funniest and most made-up sounding street ever. it sounds like it's where strawberry shortcake or the my little ponies live. when i was looking around, i found another page where a postal worker asks "what's a stravenue?" so apparently even the postal workers don't know, and i was unable to find anything else explaining what it is. i expect to see an avenulevard next.


so i went to see ben kweller play the other day, and i have to say, it's pretty weird to get rocked by somebody who is younger than you. it was a good concert, but it was an interesting crowd. pretty much eveybody there was a high school girl, with a few boyfriends thrown in and a couple of high school dudes who wish they were ben kweller but were acting cool so nobody noticed they weren't. it was really amusing actually, all of the girls were obviously in love with him and were singing all lyrics, which is doubly odd in that i knew them too. so it made for an amusing experience, liking a concert while being surrounded by 17 year old girls infatuated with the musician. i saw a couple of people i knew and we were commenting on how everyone was looking enviosuly at our over 21 hand stamps. i would say that i was the oldest person there (since the folks i went with are younger than me) but that would be incorrect, because there were a lot of dads there, standing far enough away from their daughters to not incur a "god dad you are so annoying!!" but close enough to make sure that some bad punk d.c. dudes didn't hit on them. and dads, you were succesful.


so i was looking through an online dictionary, and found this , a very thorough definition and etymology of the F word. it's pretty interesting, especially the etymology discussion part of where the word came from. plus there is an audio clip of somebody saying it. i think it'd be funny if they said it as an interjection instead of just plainly. and then when you are done reading that, you can click on the next word and get some uses of the F word. there's nothing new, but it's funny to see that stuff in print anyway.


so i think that candy is my favorite food. i could eat it all day. i like pretty much every kind, except for salty dutch licorice, which tastes like it is supposed to be a joke candy, but it's actually a real candy that dutch people like. i like to bite the chocolate off of 3 musketeers so it's just a bar of nougat stuff, then i eat that too. i like to bite the heads off gummi bears and bite the bodies off other ones and stick them together to make multicolored frankenstein gummi bears. i used to have wars with mike and ikes, with the greens and yellows versus and reds and oranges and i'd eat the casualties. i like circus peanuts. no one else does. and i like necco wafers, which i think are the same thing as the candy valentines hearts, which i like too. word up to candy.


so i was going to post something really funny but i forgot what it was. however, i have come to a startling and sad realization. every day i am laughing more and more at dilbert cartoons. before i'd say, "oh, there's a human resources person who is mean, wow, not that funny," or "oh look they are talking about mass office emails, wow that's hilarious." but now, i get it. and the "office space" references have increased steadily too.