so the Washington Post is doing this long series of articles about bringing baseball to DC, specifically how MLB is stalling and how the organization works. it pisses me off that they aren't doing anything about bringing a team here, so I found Bud Selig's (the stupid commissioner) office address and phone and I'm going to call and write him, and I urge anybody else interested to do the same thing

The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball
Allan H. (Bud) Selig, Commissioner
245 Park Avenue, 31st Floor
New York, NY 10167
Phone: (212) 931-7800

unfortunately (and wisely, for him) i didn't find his email address


so I gotta say, I think Boca Raton, Florida is probably the worst name for a town ever: it means Rat Mouth. The only worse name for a town I can think of is Asno Raton, which means rat ass. Seriously, how did they come up with this name?

Ponce De Leon: "OK guys, we need to name this town something. We've already used up all the best saint names. Have you seen anything in the area? Like maybe a disgusting and universally hated animal that spreads the plague?"

First Mate Juan: "I saw a rat."

Ponce de Leon: "What was it doing?"

Juan: "Eating some garbage."

Ponce de Leon: "Ok, let's call the town Eating Rat."

Juan: "But then people might think the residents of that town eat rats."

Ponce de Leon: "Good point. How about Rat Mouth?"

Juan: "Sounds good!"

Maybe Ponce de Leon was eating too much lead or something. I think they packed their food in lead cans back in the day.


so i was talking to my roommate the other day: why don't women have Juniors? As in, Jessica Simpson, Jr., for instance, whose mom would be named Jessica Simpson, Sr. We figured it was because women could take their husbands' last names, but still, it would be funny. Jessica Simpson III.


so the guy at Quizno's on P Street here in town is so surly it's funny. he's pretty young i guess and acts like he's pissed that he has to make sandwiches for people. I came in today and ordered something and he sneered "white or wheat bread?" like I had just told him i had sex with his girlfriend. it's kind of funny.


so i thought this was pretty fun, it's a little site where you can make beats with the crocodile hunter's voice and some animal sounds. it's fun for a few minutes

DJ Crikey


so continuining in the "someday, everything will be a competition" vein, I heard about a webiste for the a World Rock-Paper-Scissors Society. i remember hearing about it on NPR awhile ago and thinking it was dumb, but i was playing at work the other day and I used some strategy and won like 4 games in a row. or maybe it was just luck. what's strange about this website is that it claims the group has been around for 160 years, and the front page has congratulations to some girl who won the Southwest Pro-Am invitiational. Since pro-am means a tournament between professionals and amateurs (like the golf tourneys with Bill Murray and stuff), does this mean there are "professional" rock-paper-scissors players??? I find this bizarre. Well i'm a professional Tecmo Bowl player. give me some money!


so George Tenet, the director of the CIA resigned yesterday, which is pretty big news. nobody is really sure why, if it's because he failed, because he's protesting the Bush administration's handling of the Ahmed Chalabi thing (the Iraqi guy who gave the US false information about WMD, which was one of the justificiations for the war, and who then gave US secrets to Iran, who Tenet thought was a fraud all along), or what. But what struck me was the President's speech about his resignation. It was probably one of the worst speeches I've ever seen. There are bizarre pauses and nothing he says sounds like he really feels that way. It sounded really hollow. It almost made me think that it was a message, like "he's resigning, and I don't care."

Here is a video of the speech. It's short.



so i know i mentioned Launch radio earlier, the Yahoo internet radio thing that is really cool. They also show videos though, which is awesome, they have tons of them and very good picture quality and you don't have to download anything. and it's free! some new ones that I recommend are "pony ride" by bumblebeez 81, "walkie talkie man" by steriogram, and the new beastie boys video, "ch-check it out". they also have a lot of other beastie boys videos. to find them, type the name of the band in the little search bar on this page, then click videos under the band's name. unfortunately, it doesn't have any fatboy slim or daft punk videos, which is too bad, because they are all great.