so last night my roommate and I called some of the famous people listed on Paris Hilton's phonebook (posted below). Most of them were either full or the number had been changed, but I did get a busy signal on one of them and one girl picked up. I don't think it was anybody famous, and she didn't seem pissed off, so maybe she didn't know she was on the list. I asked for Steve, which was my plan even if I got a famous person, and she said, nicely, "you must have the wrong number," and I said "oh ok, sorry." Then after hanging up I realized she probably didn't know she was on the list. I'm still wondering if my phone will get zapped or something, maybe she was just waiting for someone to call and then is going to give them a virus. But we shall see. It looks like Paris has spoken about the incident to the New York Daily News, aqui. That's here in spanish.


shesbitter said...

sellout! you put up ads!

Andrew said...

I totally sold out, and I have made about 12 cents so far from Google. I do their bidding now.