so it's time for my review of the Kings of Convenience show.

First off, Iota is a weird place, they don't sell tickets in advance, which is annoying, especially because I was pretty sure this show would sell out. So my friends and I got there at 7 or so for a 9:45 show. We figured we'd get dinner there, as they have a cafe, but there was an hour wait, so we hung around and got beers. At 7:30 a guy game around collecting the money for the show and stamped our hands, then we were free to leave, so we went down the street to eat. We came back at 9 or something and bypassed the line, which by that time was huge, so it was good we got there early, even if we did have to waste some time. The place itself is pretty small, a bit bigger than the Black Cat backstage, if people know that. However, it's nice inside, except for a random big pillar in the middle and a booth that people can sit in the middle of the floor, meaning it's smaller than you'd think. And for some reason, there were a bunch of tall dudes in front of me. I felt like a nerd holding my camera phone up in the air to get photos. Oh well.

But the show itself was very good, everyone was quiet and the music sounded great. The guys in the band are pretty funny too, they were joking the whole time about things, making fun of each other, etc. They played a good mix of new stuff and old stuff, and I recognized most of it, though they didn't do "Free Falling" (by Tom Petty). Rae found a bunch of live mp3s on their website, which is pretty cool of them to do, and it gives you a good idea of what they sound like.

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