so sometimes I think that my office would collapse if it weren't for me. Not that I am a great worker or Mr. Invaluable or whatever, I'm talking about non-work related stuff. For example, the candy vending machine in the break room broke, and for like a week it's as if people would say "oh, the machine's broken, but rather than call somebody to fix it, I think we should all just go downstairs and use that machine, which is more expensive." So I called the people and they came out and fixed it. That's hardly difficult to figure out or to do. I don't get it. And the same thing with the water cooler, people never put the jug on it when it's empty, so people go downstairs and fill up at the water fountain. It's not that hard to lift a jug of water. This stuff is not that difficult, ya know?

But that stuff aside, I found a cool site called 09h09. It's a guy in France who takes a picture of himself every day at 9:09 am (French time, of course) with his digital camera. He has been doing it for 2 years apparently. I tried to do this once with my webcam, but that lasted about 3 days until I forgot. But the site is neat, worth wasting some time on.

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