Don't forget to vote

so this is pretty funny. Don't forget to vote and don't let excuses get you, or else this might be you:


Kula Shaker

so I just rediscovered Kula Shaker - remember them? They were a psychedelic British band from the 90s. with some hits over here like "Tattva," "Govinda," and "Hey Dude." The stuff still sounds pretty awesome. And randomly, the lead singer's mom is Hayley Mills from "The Parent Trap."

"Hey Dude"


(Sounds Beatles-y huh?)

Link (can't embed it)


"Mystical Machine Gun"


Marxist VP Candidate Ineligible to Serve

so this was kind of a random thing - I saw some posters in the Columbia Heights neighborhood in DC saying something about ending "evil gentrification," and the website listed was votepsl.org. The website is for the Party for Socialism and Liberation, a Marxist political party that's on the presidential ballot in a few states.

I was browsing the site and thought, "huh, the vice presidential candidate, Eugene Puryear, looks really young." His bio says he's a student at Howard University. Maybe he started late or was a grad student, but I couldn't find anything else about his age - his Wikipedia page just said he was born in Charlottesville, VA (until I updated it).

Then I Googled him, found his Facebook page and added him, and it turns out he was born in 1986, and is thus 22 years old. That makes him ineligible to serve as vice president, since you have to be 35 (and fulfill the rest of the requirements to be president). Here's a picture of his Facebook page, since you can't see it unless you're his friend on there.

Of course, this is a moot point, since the PSL will not win the election, but hey, it's interesting.

New Benjy Ferree song

so I'm a fan of Benjy Ferree, a DC musician. His latest album, Come Back To The Five And Dime, Bobby Dee Bobby Dee, is about Bobby Driscoll, a child actor who won an Oscar and was the voice of Peter Pan in the Disney cartoon movie. He was fired soon after for getting acne and growing older, and then developed a drug problem, dying alone at age 31. When found, the police thought he was a homeless person, and he was buried in an unmarked mass grave on New York's Hart Island. Pretty sad and crazy story.

One of the songs is out on the internet, and it's pretty good:

Fear - Benjy Ferree

The album comes out February 9, 2009. Here's his Myspace page.


The sidewalk to nowhere

so here are McCain supporters lining up to see him speak in Pennsylvania. Another reason why I'm out in Virginia every weekend.


Why I'm volunteering for Barack Obama

so as some folks know, I've been canvassing in Virginia the last few weekends, and I'll be there again this weekend. I'm also going after work today to the new Obama office at 803 Florida Ave NW to see what I can do. Here's why:

For one, I support Obama's policies on the environment, taxes, foreign policy, etc. I worry that McCain's plans are either too similar to Bush's or are just plain harmful. And I also just believe in Obama as a leader. But the other reason is more selfish.

I remember how I felt the last two elections when Bush won - it was a terrible feeling. How could this happen? What's going to happen to the country now? And what could I have done?

That was the main one, and it's why I'm out there on the weekends, skipping fun stuff like wiffleball and sleeping late to go walk around Virginia neighborhoods and talk to voters. And it's not like volunteering is not fun - it's very rewarding and you're making a difference. As you guys know, I'm a little bit on the lazy side, but I didn't want to feel helpless again as the US elected another bad president. I wanted to do all I could to prevent it.

That's why I'm out there, and that's why I hope you all can come with me.