so here are a few pictures from the last two GW basketball games I went to, against Duquesne and Richmond. GW won both, 80-63 and 80-57. They also beat Fordham, 80-70, which I missed. I guess GW likes to score 80 points.

These two pictures are from the Duquesne game, the first is a general action shot from my seats. GW is in the white.

This one is the back of GW forward Pops Mensah-Bonsu, who is a big favorite of ESPN folks, like Scott Van Pelt. Check out this video of Van Pelt on Sportscenter in a yellow foam tricorner GW hat. Awesome.

And these are from the Richmond game, the game where we cooked out. This first one is some dancers on the court during halftime, they were pretty cool. They're wearing traditional Indian garb.

This next one is the same dancers in the stands. Kind of hard to see, but I took it because a few of them have the aforementioned yellow foam tricorner hats over their traditional hats, which is pretty cool.

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