so there's a lot of news regarding those free newspapers they give out at the Metro. There's a new one called the Examiner (DCist talks about it.) Apparently it's owned by Philip Anschutz, a big-time contributor to the Republican party and conservative Christian groups like Focus on the Family, so I won't be reading it, but it looks like it's written strangely too, just from a glance at the website. Some headlines that seem strange and amateurish to me: "BABY BELL SBC ACQUIRES THE MOTHER SHIP - AT&T - FOR ABOUT $15 BLN", "Wow! Maryland 79, No. 22 Georgia Tech 71," "Come on Nats! Only 62 days until the Nationals play first game." Those look like they should have been in my high school newspaper, except there aren't any typos. But the paper looks corny to me. I'll stick with my pseudo-hipster Express.

However, I found a funny and misleading headline on the front page of yesterday's Express. On the lower left, there's a picture of the Scissor Sisters (who I hear are good,) and it says "Also, gay characters in cartoons, ODB's final album." To me, this reads like there are gay characters in cartoons and in ODB's final album, which sounds pretty interesting: "Wow, ODB is rapping about gay people! I wonder if he treats them like normal people, or if he's making fun of them?" So I went to the article about ODB's album and there's no mention of any gay people. Obviously the comma between "characters in cartoons" and "ODB's final album" is supposed to separate two different articles. How about use "and" next time, or put "ODB's final album" before "gay characters in cartoons." Pretty amusing.

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