so I saw this little Flash movie somewhere, it's pretty hilarious. Not work safe, I guess, but it almost is because it's so dumb.


In other news, I am doubting the snow forecasting abilities of DC meteorologists. It seems like when they forecast snow, you should divide that forecast by 4. For example, last week they said 5-8 inches, and it was more like 2. Today they said 4-7, and it's a trace, a dusting. I guess there still could be 4 inches of snow in a day or something, but I dunno, I am not impressed. And schools were cancelled! I'd be the happiest kid ever if I were in school, considering that there is literally no snow and I don't have to go to class. DCist posted a link to this Washington Post article by Steven Pearlstein called "Washington, the Nation's Weather Wimp." I think that sums it up.


Anonymous said...

Sooooo in other news... that last post didn't begin with "so"! Way to wreck your streak Bloggy McBlogsalot.

Andrew said...

Yeah it did, that was one post with two paragraphs. Take that, Anonynmous McNoname,