Lützenkirchen - "3 Tage Wach"

so Lützenkirchen (I had to copy and paste the ü) is an electronic artist from Munich, Germany. I found this video just randomly on Youtube. It's pretty awesome.

Lützenkirchen- 3 Tage wach - MyVideo

There's an English version too, and if the song is translated, then "3 Tage Wach" means "three days awake" and the song is about getting drunk. There's also a pretty awesome 8 minute version in German.

Here's Lützenkirchen's Myspace and his blog.


The Bloody Beetroots - "Warp 1.9"

so this is pretty cool. It's a band I'm not familiar with, The Bloody Beetroots, with vocals by DJ Steve Aoki. The band's from Italy, and the rest of their tracks are similarly noisy and buzzy. They're touring the US now, including April 1 in Baltimore.

WxAxRxP from Francesco Calabrese on Vimeo.


What city is this?

What city is this?
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so what city is this? It's from the Free Triple Score commercial. I like figuring out what places in commercials are. Any ideas?


St. Pat's

so it's St. Patrick's Day. We are having a whiskey party at my house, which is either a great idea or a terrible idea.

Here's a video about a famous leprechaun.

As Stephen Malkmus once said, "Irish folktales scare the shit out of me."



so I think this is the worst music video I've ever seen. Or maybe not worst, but most creepily bizarre.

It looks like they spent about $10 on it, and it's insane. The old guys (who are the band), the baby, the tin-foil covered sun and moon...

And I think they made the video for their other "hit," "The Race" at the same time. What the hell?

Plus according to Wikipedia, the guy with the deep voice is a millionaire industrialist and gambler. And they created the soundtrack for the Andrew Dice Clay movie The Adventures of Ford Fairlane. Which is actually kind of amusing, surprisingly.


Fed-Exing yourself

So a magician claimed he shipped himself in a box from New York to Las Vegas. Sounds like he ripped off MC 900 ft Jesus:

The video was directed by Spike Jonze, who did tons of other cool videos.


We Have Band

so here's a video from a pretty new English group called We Have Band - good name. They're only about a year old, and the song "Oh" is very Euro-sounding with a kind of eerie but interesting lo-fi video.

We Have Band - Oh! (Music Video) from We Have Band on Vimeo.

Here's their Myspace, and the NY Post has a download.


English Headlines

so sometimes my GMail RSS thing shows me headlines about English sports and sometimes they make absolutely no sense. For example: "Creamer beats bug to share Champions lead." What? Who? Bug? Champions?