so more music news: Petra Haden, who was in that dog. and The Rentals, two bands I like (the Rentals had the hit "Friends of P"), has come out with an a capella version of the Who's "The Who Sell Out," sung entirely by her, including the instruments. It's a pretty cool idea, and I found audio clips on the record label's page, Bar/None which are interesting and sometimes pretty funny, like the "guitar" on "I Can't reach you." I'm not that familiar with this Who album, but it's worth checking out anyway. I think "I Can See for Miles" is probably the most well-known song on there (at least it's the one I've heard the most). I also found a reviewfrom the All Music Guide. The album sort of reminds me of when my friends and I decided to start an a capella techno cover band in high school. We didn't do much with it though.

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