so what's up with "word to your mom"? it doesn't make any sense to me. word means "i agree," like "right on" or something, but what's with the to your mom part? should you go and tell that person's mom that you agree? does that mean it is more correct than if you had not said "to your mother"? no one says "correct to your mother." what about word to your dad or uncle? are they untrustworthy? how weird.

also, this is better http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/yatta.html


so this is probably the funniest whatever the fuck this is that i've ever seen:

go here now, honestly

it's from a porn site apparently, but it's the best one i could find. and it doesn't show any porn so don't worry.

after checking that out, you can go here for what I think is information about that. it could all be nonsense though.


so i was goofing around online today and got this link from somewhere. it's a dialect survey done by harvard, you put where you from and answer how you say certain words (like whether you say coke, like normal people do, or you say pop or soda like weirdos). then it maps it all. pretty cool stuff. check it out:

dialect survey
so today i got a 5-cent raise. i think i am going to go buy a car now.


so there's this guy at work who sneezes really really loud, it's bizarre. it's like he's shouting "AAAHH CHOOOO" as loud as he can. I work down the hall and around the corner, and even with the door closed, i can still hear him. i suggest he get that looked at. i'm surprised he doesn't have permanent laryngitis or hasn't sneezed his vocal cords out. craziness.


so i am bored at work. check out this weird, semi-official looking essay i found supposedly written by some military officers and such on defending the planet from asteroids. i wonder if it was written before or after "armageddon" and that other one.