so yesterday I went on this long odyssey to find some lights for my closet. I rode the metro from Union Station to Pentagon City, then up to Tenleytown, then again to Friendship Heights and still didn't find any. At this point I was tired of riding the Metro and it was a nice day, so I decided to take bus down Wisconsin Ave to Farragut North. About halfway there, this big and really terrible smelling lady got on the bus. Everybody immediately made faces and went "wooo!" and stuff, some people put lotion on to try to hide the smell, a couple girls started sniffing wet wipes, a bunch of people moved away from her, and so on. Some kids in the back, where the smelly lady sat down, started yelling "Man! What is that smell!!!" and stuff. People were snickering and opening windows, until at one of the stops, a girl ran off while people were getting on and went into a 7-11. Then while we were still waiting at a stoplight, she got back on with about 10 of those Christmas tree-shaped car air fresheners and started to pass them out to people on the bus. It was pretty hilarious. The driver put one on the mirror, the yelling kids put like four around the back on the bus, some people held theirs. Good times on the bus.


Anonymous said...

You used "ramblings" and "musing."


Andrew said...

Your face: snore.

barbie said...

I can't believe you called me a smelly lady! I thought you liked my odor?