so I'm going to Williamsburg (VA, not Brooklyn) tomorrow. Here are some news articles I've been liking recently.

Yahoo has an interesting one about how hurricanes get their names.

Stereogum has a discussion about people who used to be in bands who now have real jobs.

the AP has an interesting piece about Congressional earmarks, which are programs that nobody asked for or recommended, but that congressmen put through anyway - i.e. pork. What struck me was that Alaska has the third highest amount of transportation earmarks, mostly for roads and bridges, which is ridiculous. It's not like these bridges link Manhattan to Brooklyn or France to England, it's linking some sparsely populated places to some other sparsely populated places. The Knik Arm bridge is the most ridiculous, they're spending $250 million on it this year alone, for a two mile bridge across a fjord. I guess they can sell a few more seals or ice cubes or something when they finish it. How stupid.

And the Post has a good article about local officials in Mississippi and Louisiana trying to get equipment for their cities - sometimes making them break into lots and take tractors out, because FEMA things take forever to arrive.


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