so I like to watch commercials and see what kind of dumb stuff they say. Something I've always thought about is cereal commercials, when they say "this cereal is part of a balanced breakfast." However, when they show the balanced breakfast, they show the bowl of cereal, a glass of orange juice, another glass of milk, a couple pieces of toast, some fruit, an egg, sausage, and so on. I mean, if you add 12 things to your breakfast, anything can be part of a balanced breakfast. Twinkies are part of a balanced breakfast. Burritos are part of a balanced breakfast. A piece of wood is part of a balanced breakfast.

Here's a website I found with a bunch of pictures of balanced breakfasts. I like this line: "Studies by Atkin and Gibson (1978) have shown that most children are unable to remember any other foods shown with the cereal and that they often believe that the sugared cereal alone would constitute a healthy breakfast." The guy did make good choices for his pictures though. Some of my favorite cereals.

In other news, I think Shaq is the man. He's training to be a Miami Beach reserve police officer, which is cool enough, and the other day he helped officers arrest a guy who was throwing bottles at a gay couple. And he's been doing a lot for the hurricane victims too lately.


Edmund Schluessel said...

Breakfast burritos are part of a REALLY balanced breakfast!

Count Choc-Q-la said...

YOU'RE part of a balanced breakfast.....sez me!