so a couple weeks ago I was walking to a bar with two of my friends and this big white limo was coming up the street towards us. We saw a girl was hanging halfway out the window, waving her arms. When the limo was about next to us, we saw she was extremely excited and yelled "Hey you guys!!!! Bow Wow's in here!!!" to us. Then we saw an arm come out of the other window and wave at us. It was pretty funny, that first she was so thrilled to be in a limo with Lil Bow Wow (who is now just called Bow Wow, since he's all grown up), and second that she would yell about it to us, three skinny mid-20s white dudes, probably not Bow Wow's chief fan base. So when we saw some of our other friends, we told them we saw Bow Wow's arm. I believe her that Bow Wow really was in the limo, because she seemed to be high school-aged and was obviously incredibly thrilled, thrilled enough to yell about it to some random dudes on the street, and I looked it up later to see if he played in the area, which he did. So that was pretty funny. We were talking about it later, how it must be strange to be 16 or whatever he is, to be rich and famous (among 16 year olds, at least) and have all these young girls crazy about you, then not having anything match that as you get older. I assume he won't be a famous rapper when he's 22 or 30. I mean, what happened to Krss Kross? They had the big album, then two lame gangsta albums and I have no idea what they're doing now. They have a webpage, but the stuff it's talking about happened in 1996 (I looked it up). And I found this article about that site - one of the pages says "Kris Kross loves bloggers," apparently because a bunch of bloggers found the site and wrote about it. What a bunch of losers, huh?

Somebody on a message board for an annual Kris Kross Day website, where you are supposed to wear your clothes backwards, says that Chris Smith (Daddy Mack, I have no idea which guy that is) is working on a solo album, but I can't find anything about it online. A Canadian website says he had an album a couple years ago as "M.A.C." There are a couple results on Amazon for a rapper called Mac, who was on No Limit, but I dunno if it's the same guy. This Mac is young though, and his albums got a lot of positive comments. My favorite review, however, is this one:

Not since Gambol Freer made a public renunciation of his obsolescent depilatory tactics in 1985 has the rap world seen anything like Mac's multi-thyrsoid panegyrics. Not that it matters very much, because such lubricious manticorical entities are about to become a dime a dozen, and getting there first won't count for much when all we'll want by then is a cool draught of C-major tonic! Did Mac (whose real name, by the way, is Stavros Mapplethorpe) ever stop to consider the ramifications of his rather glib brand of fatti maschii? Medoubts it highly. Plugging away at soft-core pulp is all he knows. And calling it "woolly bear" ain't gonna fool no one!

Hell, even Snoop could tell his momma a thing or two.

Peace out, y'all.

Weird. And according to this, Jermaine Dupri wrote all the songs on "Totally Krossed Out". Interesting. But as for where they are now, I dunno. Maybe I'll look for them.

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