so the other day I walked outside to go to work and it was dry and a little chilly and the sky was clear blue, I didn't see a cloud anywhere. it made me think of when I used to go to Air Force Academy football games back in middle school, and how I always think of that kind of weather as football weather. I always loved football games, we'd coo out in the parking lot with lots of other folks from the base I lived on, we'd eat chili and whatnot and my parents would have bloody marys (or is it maries), which i always thought looked gross. If the games got boring, the kids would all go play football behind the stadium in a grassy field, until one kid got his collarbone broken on a tackle - it sounded like an NFL crunch, except nobody was wearing any pads.

There's also college basketball weather, which is similar, but I feel like is more chilly - from going to GW games early (noonish) on Saturdays. Word.

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Mandi said...

God, that is the BEST weather!