so there have been some kooky happenings at my alma mater, George Washington U recently. My friend sent me this item from the GW police blotter:

9/10 - New Hall - 11:15 p.m. - case closed

UPD responded to a room in the dorm after receiving a loud noise complaint. CLLC accompanied the officers to find a large number of students having a get-together. There were no violations of policy, but an inordinate amount of what appeared to be cake was served, according to a student close to the event.

Referred to Student Judicial Services (SJS)

And the other day, a girl bit a cop. Weird.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, when does the madness stop. What REALLY counts as an "inordinate amount" of cake?

Can one ever really have too much cake and eat it too??

Anonymous said...

There were also cake stands

Andrew said...

hahaha. that's awesome!!