Pickle Chips

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so I saw these the other day at the deli near work and I decided to pick them up. I like to try different kinds of chips. They were pretty tasty, and really do taste just like pickles, it was kind of uncanny. They weren't super strong flavored either, which was good, unlike some of the flavored chips. It was just like eating a chip, then eating a pickle. Maybe pickles are now obsolete. The only bad thing is that it didn't taste very much like dill, more like a vinegary pickle, which is too bad, because I really like dill. But they were tasty anyway, and I recommend them. It seems like there have been a lot of new kinds of chips recently - salt and pepper, sweet potato, lime, etc. My friend Tuck from Canada talks about pickle chips and also ketchup chips, which he claims are amazing. I haven't seen them though.


Anonymous said...

Well, dill pickles don't really taste like dill either...

And, now pickles taste like other things. I saw like, spicy pickles, and weird flavored pickles at the grocery store the other day. I'll have to check what they;re called again.

What is the world coming to when we start making food that impersonates the taste of other food?


Andrew said...

Hmm, that's a good point. Like the Skittles I had awhile ago that were supposed to taste like smoothies, but really tasted like eating a scented candle. Maybe soon enough we'll have all kinds of interchangeagle food. Sausage flavored waffles, cereal flavored milk, steak flavored potatoes.

Mandi said...

When I was an RA at Western one of my girls had Ketchup chips sent to her from her Mom in Canada. I had the fortune of trying them once. If you're one who dips your chips in ketchup, these chips will save you a step. Definately worth a try!