so I've been reading some really good news articles today, here they be:

"Doctors emerging as heroes of Katrina" from the AP

"Mexico Army brings aid to Katrina victims", also AP. It's the first time the Mexican army has been across the border since 1846. Somebody I was talking to said this reminded him of that lame movie "The Day After Tomorrow" with Jake Gyllenhall where all the disasters hit the US and everybody is forced to flee to Mexico. It's like the tables have turned was the guy's point. Forget who I was talking to though.

"Embattled Brown taken off hurricane duty", AP. A longer piece about him leaving, with questions about his qualifications, etc. He seems like the prime example of one of Pres. Bush's boys getting put into a job for what he did during the campaign with no regard for his qualifications.

"For a US platoon in Iraq, merciless missions" - a great Washington Post article following a platoon for a few days. Really interesting.

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