so it looks like the downstairs of the Brickskeller is closing. My friend forwarded me the bar's mailing list:
Item twice - The Brickskeller is CLOSING!

Yep, the rumors are true. The Brickskeller is closing her doors. After 47 years the unthinkable has happened. On Sunday, September 11th, those trying to enter our downstairs bar will find the door locked. However, if you walk up to the second floor entrance you will discover we are now showing NFL FOOTBALL IN OUR UPSTAIRS BAR ALL DAY EVERY SUNDAY FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON! YeahBABY! The upstairs bar is opening at 12 noon to allow all our football loving beer keg chuggin armchair huggin ballcoach mugging shirtsleeve tuggin waitstaff buggin spill on the ruggin beerguy buddin pals to watch the best football games in the best beer bar drinking the best beer on the best earth!

The Brickskeller close? R U Kiddin? Do you believe the morning papers too?

This sucks, the downstairs is the best place. Plus they keep all the beer down there, I wonder if that means the selection is going to be a lot smaller. I could give a shit about football, since no other bars in the city ever show football. I don't know if the guy is tired of running it or wants to focus on the not-so-great RFD or what, but this is bad news. Or I guess it might be a joke, but it's pretty bizarrely written and unfunny if so.


I emailed the owner, he said the downstairs will only be closed on sundays during football season. So it was just a terribly written email. Here's what he has to say.

Hi Andrew
The downstairs will only be closed sunday nights during the football season, we put TVs upstairs so we're going to show the games during the season, then all will return to normalcy. The complete beer list will be available upstairs, unlike downstairs where the taps are not. So we'll have about 100 more seats, be open 6 more hours and offer 12 more beers than any Sunday ever before. It's all good, not to worry.


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