Two-story McDonald's

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So I saw this the other day in Crystal City, VA, and it got me thinking: what's with two-story McDonald's? You usually only see them in urban areas, but the ones I've been to, the second story is always deserted. For that matter, I've never really seen a one story McD's get that busy either - what's the point of two stories? People don't usually go to McDonald's and sit I don't think, and this one didn't have a second floor playroom or anything. It just sort of weirds me out. They always look strange too - this one had fountains in front. Bizzare. Also, I wish they brought back the puppet people, Mayor McCheese, Grimace, the Fry Guys, Hamburglar, and that girl bird, whatever her name was. They were cool. I was Hamburglar a couple years ago for Halloween. That was a good time.

And speaking of deserted, I just moved to Logan Circle, and I walk to the Shaw-Howard U Metro now. I think it has to be one of the emptiest morning metro stations. I've never walked in with anybody else, and there's usually maybe 5 people waiting for either train when I get there at 8 or 8:30ish. It's still pretty dead in the nighttime too. Which is odd, as it's in a fairly populous area, I guess. Although the neighborhood seems pretty deserted most of them time anyway. Maybe Logan Circle is really the second story of a gigantic McDonald's.


devan said...

there's a three story mcdonalds in nyc, chinatown - and I had to go the whole way to the third floor when i was there to find a seat to enjoy a milkshake with my friend. I mean, it sort of defeats the appeal of fast food when you have to climb three stories just to sit down.

Erin said...

I know there's a sign outside that McD's that says "Tour Buses Welcome" and with all the hotels near there, I'm sure they must lots of people. One day I'll tell you the tale of the alien spaceship McDonald's in Apopka, FL. Weirdest. McDonald's. Ever.

leyn said...

I'm trying to remember where I've seen the McDonald's with the doorman--in full livery--to welcome people in off the street. Either DC or NY, and he was very friendly, but it didn't make a lot of sense..

Anonymous said...

To add to the stories, there is a humongous victorian house on Long Island that they converted to this massive McDonalds, with two separate order counters on either side of the staircase and this whole huge upstairs area and a party room for the wee ones. It's also across from a pool/jacuzzi supply place where they sell athletic equipment in an ehhh part of LI. Go figure.