so I was watching the new Missy Elliott video, "Lose Control," and I really like it. The song is really cool, it's very catchy and has samples from Cybotron and Les Rhythmes Digitales (the "music makes me lose control" part). And as usual, the video is kooky, with weird images and things. It's a little bit Daft Punky at times, which is a good sign. Check it out here. And apparently she produced the song herself, which is pretty cool.

And that, along with a conversation with my pal Sarah, got me to thinking how the Newport News area has a lot of famous hip-hoppers, like Missy Elliott, Pharrell from the Neptunes, and Timbaland. I guess it's a big area, but it seems like a random place, especially when places like Baltimore and DC don't really have that many hip hoppers. I guess part of the reason in DC is because of the go-go scene, but still.

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don't forget clipse! va is for hustlers.