so there's a big hurricane in New Orleans right now, I hope it doesn't cause too much damage. I read somewhere they were thinking 60% of the houses in the city might be destroyed, since they're so old and the winds were so strong, but that seems excessive to me. I found a blog by a writer for the Times-Picayune newspaper giving updates about the storm, interesting stuff. Capitol Weather, a DC weather blog, is following it too, and has up to date info. Yahoo has good coverage too. They also have a tracker from the AP. Flickr has a bunch of photos from people too. My favorite is this one. And there's also an online chat at the Post with a guy from NOAA. I read that it might be an environmental disaster if the city floods, since there'd be tons of sewage and trash floating around, blocked in by levees around the city. I really like New Orleans, and I hope the residents and the city itself are ok.

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