so I read that Robert Moog, the guy who made the Moog synthesizer, died today. Accordig to amazon.com, "Widely dismissed as a passing novelty in its formative years, New York inventor Robert Moog's electronic synthesizer eventually evolved into the most revolutionary instrument of the past century." Yahoo has a good article about him too. I've always liked how the Moog sounds, and I like a lot of bands with them, like Stereolab, the Rentals, as well as Gary Numan's "Cars," New Order's "Blue Monday", some Stevie Wonder songs, and probably about a million more. Amazon has a good selection of Moog-related stuff, like the Moog Cookbook, which I remember from back in the day, a CD of mid-90's alternative rock songs covered using only Moogs. This one is very cool too, it's called Moog, a soundtrack to a documentary about the Moog.


emma discovery said...

i never knew (but do now) that it's pronunced like vogue... weird. i always thought it was moooooo-g.

Andrew said...

yeah, me too! everything should be fonetic.