so it looks like there is a new OK Go album coming out, which I am looking forward to. Their last one was very happy, poppy, fun stuff, and what I've heard of this one is the same. Their website has an awesome, hilarious video of them dancing to one of the new songs, it's great. (On the left side of the page). It looks like it's all in one take, and I can't watch more than a few seconds of it at work because I break out laughing. And VH1.com has a stream of the new CD too. For some reason VH1 says they're from Liverpool, but they're actually from Chicago. The singer used to live in DC, which apparently is well known around here, because I went to see them once a couple years ago at the Black Cat and was shocked when it was sold out, with the line around the block. It was the biggest line I've ever seen at the Black Cat.

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