so I got an iPod awhile ago, and I think I am finally seeing why everybody likes it. I was mostly listening to it at work and the Metro and thought, "eh, this is ok," but honestly, I think a lot of music sounds worse when you hear it at work, because you're doing stuff that is not exactly fun. And I get annoyed on the Metro, dumb tourists clogging the doors, people not moving to the center so everyone's packed in, doofuses not moving fast enough so I miss trains, etc. So my patience for songs is lower then. However, walking around with it is nice, like Logan Circle to Adams Morgan, and the other day I was packing some stuff and listening at the same time, and I really enjoyed that. I felt like I could enjoy the slower songs more then for
some reason. I guess I need fast stuff at work so I don't go into a trance or start snoozing.

And I also got the new Sufjan Stevens CD, Illinois, and I really started to like it. The first few times I thought, "eh, this is ok," but those times were at work and on the Metro. Maybe it takes a few listens to like, or maybe it was where I was listening to it, but I'm really liking it. I could hear "Concerning the UFO sighting in Highland, Illinois" over and over. And the ones I thought were annoying at first have grown on me, like the two part song about the Columbian Exposition and Carl Sandburg. So I recommend it. It's well produced too, the sound is really warm and big, and it's mostly from acoustic instruments. I'm looking forward to seeing them in September. Supposedly they dress up in University of Illinois cheerleader costumes, and the last show in New York they had a homecoming dance theme and elected a king and queen. Funny stuff. There's a bunch of good photos on Flickr.


Erin said...

Yay for Sufjan! :o)

emma discovery said...

there's a really good article in the LATimes today about the whole "soft revolution" - sufjan, iron&wine, andrew and the johnstons, your BFF bright eyes (excuse me while i barf oops) http://www.latimes.com/features/printedition/magazine/la-tm-soft35aug28,0,2754037.story?coll=la-home-magazine

Andrew said...

that is a good article! thanks for posting it. as for Conor, yah, i am gonna put on my black rimmed glasses and throw my panties at him! he's so emmooootional!