so I've been listening to some new stuff recently, I got this cool CD called "Moving in Stereo" from two DJs named Caps and Jones, it's sort of a mash-up of lots of neat samples, with various beats and so on added. It's really cool, fun stuff mixed together. I sort of wish it were less schizophrenic and they stuck to themes (like the Conga part and the Magnetic Fields part) but it's neat nonetheless. The CD is only 6 bucks and is well worth it. Check it out. There's a sample mp3 under "Mixes." They're apparently NYU students, according to Spin, which is where I read about them.

Also, I've been listening to podcasts for my new Ipod (or is it iPod) from this blog called mcturgeon, which was also mentioned in Spin. It's a girl from Montreal named Marie-Chantalle Turgeon (or something like that), and she plays lots of cool stuff, neat electronic music, cool indie pop, neat things I'd never heard. And lots of Of Montreal (who are from the state of Georgia, not Montreal). She both speaks French and English sometimes and is pretty fun to listen to speak. And in her most recent podcast (number 39), she read my email! Pretty cool. Anyway, here's her blog, or if you are lazy, here are just the podcasts. They're great for work, I can put one on and listen for awhile.


bubbles said...

of montreal rulz the school

Andrew said...

you're right, bubbles

m-c said...

will see them on sunday!