St. Patrick's Day

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So I had a pretty kooky St. Paddy's day. Work was normal, but for my lunch break I went to GW to buy an NCAA tournament shirt. On the way out of the metro, there were some people holding signs saying stuff about histerectomies and how they were bad, like "you lose sensation" and weird stuff like that. It was odd. Then a bunch of drunk dudes in green were stumbling around, I guess from a bar crawl. The weird thing is that it's spring break, so GW isn't in session. I guess these were worker types who took the day off to get drunk. Then when I got to the bookstore, which is only open this week from 9 to 5, most of the shirts sucked, they were enormously long, like nightshirts, and went down to my knees. I did find a smaller one so I got that. The ride back there were more loud drunks on the train, which is usually normal, but not at noon on a weekday. So after work I went to see a comedy show at DCAC in Adams Morgan, part of the DC Comedy Fest. On the way there I decided to stop in a couple CD stores on 18th St. and look for the new CDs by Daft Punk and John Davis (former lead singer of Superdrag). Didn't find them, but on the way back, I saw a guy dressed like Uncle Sam holding a sign that said "Income Tax" on it. At first I thought he was some kind of weird anti-tax protestor, or maybe pro-tax, because he was standing at a place where there used to be a Kerry table. But then I realized he was advertising for a tax-prep place. The odd thing was, rather than say "hey, need your taxes done," he said "hey man, do you like art?" I said "yeah" and he gave me a flyer which was for a lady's art show, and on the back it was an ad for tax prep. Pretty odd. (Here's a picture of the guy, tried to be sneaky about it.)
So anyway, back to comedy. I missed the first group I wanted to see, Sketch 22, but I did catch the others, Season Six, an improv group made up of a few folks I knew from improv class and a guy I knew from GW, TJ Miller, who was doing standup. I also ended up seeing another standup who I'd seen once before. He was fairly amusing, as were the improv group, but TJ was hilarious. I highly recommend checking him out during the rest of the comedy fest, which is this weekend. He does standup and he's also in groups called Chuckle Sandwich and Persimmony Whispers, whatever that may be. Then after the show, I was walking back up 18th to get home and I passed the bar the Angry Inch, where there was a guy holding a bloody towel to his head, talking to a bouncer and another guy as blood dripped off his nose. It must have just happened, the bloody guy was kind of stunned and asking about his beer, but his friend was saying stuff like "it wasn't really secured, it was loose," I guess trying to say that whatever his pal fell on or because of was loose, it wasn't because he was drunk. And right up the street was this big police van, a DUI truck, with cops milling around. They must not have noticed the bloody guy. They did, however, have a handcuffed lady in the truck saying "I ain't trippin'" over and over. People go nuts for St. Patrick's day. My bracket is doing well too. (link ought to work)
And I'm going to Nashville tomorrow. Look for me on TV, I'll be in a big yellow foam tricorner hat. 9:30 PM, GW - Ga Tech.

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