Secret Machines, Moving Units, Autolux

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so I went to see the Secret Machines, Moving Units, and Autolux at the 9:30 Club last night, it was pretty good. The crowd seemed really young at first, but I guess old folks showed up later. Autolux were decent, solid shoegazer rock (kind of noodley, repetitive rock with swirling guitars), but they started to get boring towards the end of their set as they got more into long solos and feedback. They seemed to go on forever too, not a good sign. I was really looking forward to Moving Units the most our of the three bands, and they were good, but their sound wasn't that great. On the songs I've heard, the bass player is almost the lead, kind of like New Order with the high, clear bass, but it was mixed pretty low at the concert and hard to distinguish. They were catchy, but not a lot of folks were into it. Secret Machines, however, were very good. They had a cool light show and the sound was really crisp, the bass was rumbling. I also liked how they set up the stage, with all the drummer and keyboard player/lead singer at the front, facing towards each other, with the guitarist in the front center. Basically, they rocked out, they're also kind of shoegazery, but more energetic and catchy than Autolux, and a lot louder. And there must have been some kind of riot at a club down the street, as when I was in line I heard tons of people yelling, and supposedly during the show there were 50 police cars outside. Weird. And as usual, the 9:30 Club's draft beer tasted weird. I've never had fresh, normal tasting draft beer there, and their bottles are often pretty old tasting. Doh. The picture is of the Moving Units bassist.

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