so I was thinking on the way to work today: what would be in VH1's "I Love the 2000's" or whatever they would call it?

Well first off, they'd make fun of what to call the decade. Michael Ian Black would say "I love the... zero zeroes" in a very deadpan way, as usual. That Scottish guy would say "the aughts," etc. Then they'd make fun of all the Y2K stuff, and somebody would make a joke that it stands for something else. K for Kris Kristofferson or Kriss Kross or Kool-Aid or something, and there'd be a graphic that shows that. Then, when I was thinking about what happened in the last 5 years, I realized it was hard to tell what happened in 2000, and what happpened in the late 90s. But here are a few things I could think of.

Those jackets with all the sports teams logos on them, like all NFL teams
Throwback jerseys
Atkins Diet
Low rise boot cut jeans
New Balance shoes
Stripey shirts that guys wear
Red Bull, etc (with lots of the commentators drinking them)
Blogs (I can see Michael Ian Black doing this one again, "hmm, let me type in my blog how sad I am," then he frowns)
The Red Sox winning
Al Gore losing (lots of impressions here)
Maybe Bush's various malapropisms
Jackass (is that 2000?)
Maybe the big buzz bands, like the Strokes, etc
Along those lines, hipsters ("oh, I knew that band before you did, I'm cooler")
Cell phones and text messages
Paris Hilton (no idea why I thought of that after cell phones and text messages)


emma discovery said...

...i'll be the dork on the show saying "too bad i was sporting new balance in 1996..." which i was... i had navy blue fake leather with the mesh tops and big N's, they were two sizes too big and AWESOME. then i got kelly green with reflective yellow N's in london... too cool for school. oh and you have to call them "ninjas" - that the cool slang. (not really - i told you about that, right?)

Andrew said...

well i had them in high school too, so na na, but I think they are "the thing" now. i never had any english ones though, so you have me beat. but once in spanish class my two friends and i had ascending numbers, like 330, 331, and 332 or something like that. funny stuff.